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How can I help my grandma?

Asked by KRD (3293points) 2 weeks ago
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My grandma is in the hospital because she fell in a parking garage due to poor lighting. She is getting better by the day but hasn’t eaten scene Monday morning. Is there a way to help cover the hospital bill and rehab bill? My grandma is in Denver Heath.

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IF she is on Social Security, SS should cover most of it…including rehab. IF SS does cover it, WAIT until she’s received at least 2 bills before paying anything because the amount will greatly drop!!

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@LadyMarissa SS is not health/medical insurance.

@KRD I do not recommend Marissa’s advice about not paying the bill.

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Why do you not think her insurance will cover all expenses?

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^^ Strange, the Medicare part of SS paid my hospital bill. Had I paid the first bill that I received, I would have written a check for over $20K. When I received the 2nd bill, it had dropped to just over $600. Had I paid the $20K bill, the hospital would have kept it!!!

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Keeping her upbeat and visiting is probably the best you can do to help her. Attitude is such a big part of recovery.
Maybe ask if you can bring her favorite foods or snacks, pretty flowers, check her apartment or house so she knows its ready and waiting for her.
Good luck, eating is very important so I hope she feels better soon.

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@KRD Did you say she has not eare since Monday?

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@KNOWITALL I will do that. The only problem is that she can’t eat anything until she goes in rehab.
@si3tech No she hasn’t eaten scene Monday morning and they are going to put a food tube in her stomach.

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