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Does it matter that I didn’t include my full name on my business card?

Asked by rockfan (13541points) 2 weeks ago
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I just ordered 500 business cards for my freelance art business. The card has my business name “Art by Henri”. Below, it says “Portraits, pets, illustration”, with my Instagram account and cell phone number at the very bottom. And on the reverse side I have 3 pictures of my artwork.

Does it matter that I didn’t include my full name?

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I don’t think it matters.

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No. I don’t think so since it has all your contact info.

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Freelance art? You’re fine being informal. It’s probably better coming off as approachable and grounded. My number one rule for marketing is remembering that EVERYTHING is marketing, but my second rule is that your target audience will determine whether something is right/wrong. So if your audience is more likely to respond to an approachable/grounded artist, then that’s the right approach.

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It’s probably good that you didn’t.

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Perfectly fine.

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As long as it doesn’t just say “McLovin”

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Nope. It’s fine.

Interesting side info. In Japan, the really top top brass have cards with only their name and company on them. No contact info. Often no logos or colors. Very minimalistic.

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@LuckyGuy, here’s about all I have left from a Japanese class: Watashi no meishi desu. That and a few other random expressions, plus counting to ten.

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There are no rules about that.

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A side note, if you were licensed by the state for your profession then there might be legal requirements to have your full name as it is under your license on the card, because it would be seen as a form of advertising. It probably varies by state. Realtors for instance often have to have the brokerage they work for on any advertising, plus their full name.

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Not to me.

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You are informing people that your business name is “Art by Henri”, a business number for potential customers to call and information on the services your provide

That is all that is required and it does not matter if you don’t provide your name.

If, when you get more cards printed you feel you would like to supply your first name or full name that is just as acceptable.

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No. I see that’s how most do it. You could put your full name under as the owner part of it if you really wanted, but you don’t need to, first name is just fine. It’s your business card, not personal I.D.

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