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According to you as a human being, what's the first thing we need to achieve success?

Asked by Samantha4One (1152points) 1 week ago
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As asked.
Whether in professional or personal life.

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To transcend our my limits.

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Desire to succeed comes to my mind.

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First define what success for you actually is.

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A willingness to fail repeatedly.

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Perseverance and blind defiance.

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Food / sustenance. Without a full belly, nothing can be accomplished.

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Flexible goals.

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An accurate gauge regarding your fellow human beings.

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Confidence, realizing that yourself is enough and not worrying nonstop about other people’s opinions about you. I used to have a huge problem with this and it really effected everything I did.

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Opportunity, preparation, and confidence

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The belief that we can succeed in life no matter what our limitations .
To see limitations as a motivator.

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Be willing to walk over, and crush anyone that remotely stands in your way.

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Gain a positive attitude about ourselves.

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@Samantha4One Whose success? If it’s Trump’s followers who are going to answer this question, it’s to be successful on Jan 6/21, as an example. If it’s anti Trumpers it’s the opposite.

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@SQUEEKY2 “Be willing to walk over, and crush anyone that remotely stands in your way.” That could be Trump saying that to his followers leading to jan 6/21

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Wind your watch—that’s step one for any pilot in an emergency.

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Workng at it.

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I think that there’s no first thing to achieve success? Maybe, for me, there are many “first” things in order to achieve success. Say for example:
a. one must know how to accept mistake and learn from it—well as the saying goes, experience is the best learning!

b. mindset – if you have a proper mindset , then you can eventually achieve your goal and focus on achieving more from it!

c. confidence and humbleness – being confident at the same time being humble with all of the things you have in your life right now would be a great combo to achieve success. If you are consistent in being thankful and is staying humble, confidence will get you on the road to success too!

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To figure out what success personally means to you.

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Thanks for your responses..
@Blackwater_Park The accomplishment of an aim or purpose is the definition of success. It can either be a professional aim or personal one.

For example: a person gets promoted after staying at his current position for years.
, The aim to reduce reduce or gain weight, etc.

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