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Aside from smartphone, do you still use landline at home?

Asked by Samantha4One (1152points) 1 week ago
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I know they’re being used at most offices, but do people still use them at home?

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Yes, we still have this landline at home, but no one has ever called us except our landline provider! All people are now use to cellular phones, we just have this landline for our internet connection since it is a bundle purchase! :)

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I still have a landline because it makes me feel safer!!!

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Internet is over the phone lines, so why not.
Also, mobile connections are spotty indoors, and prone to disconnects or one side not hearing the other. Landline is immune to that.

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I do.

My flip phone is powered off and stashed when I’m home, whereas my home phone never needs recharging.

Also if there’s a power outage, the central office that provides service to my HP has two backup power systems.

When a central office loses commercial power, the emergency battery system kicks in and can supply power for up to 48 hours.

While the batteries are supplying power, the power generating engine automatically starts and once it’s online, it recharges the batteries and takes over as the power source.

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Yup, but my house is in a low reception area for cel reception, as well as TV and radio.

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Yes, VOIP service, not Bell service. I refuse to be a slave to my cell phone.

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Yes, I still have a landline, and I intend to keep it.

I like having a central number for the household, which can be heard ringing and has a voicemail machine. There’s iffy cellphone reception where I live, but the landline is clear and reliable. After a couple of hurricanes, cellphone service failed, but the landline worked perfectly.

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I do. I have a few reasons for doing so, one because I like having an alternative to the cell phone. One is my mother (who is deceased) had left me some voicemails with my daughter who was little, and those voicemails are on the phone. I have been meaning to record them, and at this point, they may not be there, but still, I will one day. One being the bundle from the cable company makes the home phone only about a 20 dollar a month addition to the bill.

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A landline is all I have. With two phone numbers.

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We still have a landline – even though at 20+ years old it is a fossil. That is the same number we’ve been giving out mae number we have been giving out to stores and merchants for decades. If that ever changed I wouldn’t be able to get my Tops grocery store points or take out a book from the library.
And talk about fossils… That number is listed in the telephone book we get delivered yearly.
The previous year’s phone book goes under the seat in the car.

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No. I ended my land line about three years ago after several years of nobody using that number.

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No, I got rid of my landline more than 15 years ago. During the last hurricane scare, the phones went out. The landlines in the area were out for days and days, but the cell phone service was restored in a day with emergency towers brought in.

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I still get called on my landline but it is extremely rare that I make calls because virtually every call I make has to be paid for on my landline whereas have an extremely good with my mobile and all calls I make are free so it makes sense to use my mobile and not my landline.

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I cut ties with traditional landline service from AT&T or Verizon in 2001.

Corporate phone systems are mostly their own internal systems that are IP based with connection to the Public Telephone Network and thus other endpoints via Internet as well.

I can use the firms I work for desktop phone dialers, Application to make and receive calls. There really is not much traditional Line and Wire Landline activity any longer. Unless you are in a total remote rural area is this a necessary service.
That being said, there is still a part of the US and the World that cannot communicate without these services.

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I still have the landline phone number, but the phone hasn’t been hooked up for years.

I had my phone cut over to the cable service, and when I moved there weren’t any ways to connect a phone to the cable drops without me paying a bunch of install charges. So I have the phone number because it is bundled with my cable TV and internet service. I occasionally see notification of incoming calls when I am watching TV, but no way to answer.

The voice mail filled up years ago too.

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I have a landline. Most people I know have a landline; many also have a mobile.

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No, as of about 10 years ago I don’t pay for or have a landline.

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Thanks for the answers

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I thought of another use…
All members of the family have numbers stored in their cell phones and that makes their directories totally different and private. They might or might not have Aunt Mary’s phone number available. The phone directory in the landline phone, a Panasonic KX-TG7645 has storage for ~3000 numbers that everyone uses. We also have 5 extensions with a repeater so I can have one in the basement, barn, kitchen, living room, bedroom. That way I don’t need to carry my cell phone around.
I don’t know if this worth $50 per month but it won’t break me.

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@LuckyGuy: Before cell phones, I had so many phone numbers memorized. Now, thanks to cell phones, I only remember the numbers of people I used to call prior to having a cell phone.

Recently I went to rent a car and I forgot my driver’s license at home, so I couldn’t rent it and I left my cell phone home too, as it was supposed to be a quick trip to the rental place. I couldn’t even call someone for a ride because I didn’t know any numbers of friends or neighbors. I had to think really hard and take a good guess and luckily I remembered a number. I know it’s antiquated to write numbers down but I do have some important numbers written in my password book.

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Back in the good old days, I bet I had over 3,000 phone numbers committed to memory. Now I need my cell with me to give anyone my cell number!!!

I was driving home one day & suddenly a phone number popped into my head & I couldn’t remember who it belonged to & it was driving me crazy wondering WHY I was suddenly remembering this number. I even went online to do a search to see IF I could discover whose number I was remembering…nothing came up. Then one night I woke up in a cold sweat remembering the same number & I kept repeating it over & over in my head. That’s when it came to me that the number had belonged to my ex’s parents.We had been divorced for almost 30 years at that point. Yet, today I can’t call my next door neighbor IF I don’t have my cell on me!!

Funny thing, even with my landline, when I leave home, I forward all my calls to my cell to make sure I don’t miss a call.

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@jca2 @LadyMarissa I, too, still remember many of the numbers I called before I had a cell phone.
In high school, 50+ years ago, I once started to make a list of all the numbers I remembered. I had a page for science and math numbers, a page for addresses, and a page for phone numbers. I was really surprised at how many I knew.
Now? I have trouble remembering my own cell number. :-)

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