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What foods would you eat if money was no object?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23518points) June 22nd, 2022
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For me I would eat more red meat, pork and chicken.

Lots more pasta, cheese, and pastries.

I would order beef and broccoli for my veggies.


Humor welcome.

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Wagyu prime rib, Lobster, Caviar, Ayam Cemani Black Chicken, Iberian Ham and Fugu Fish

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McDonald’s haha.
Filet Mignon, actually….with Risotto.

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I can’t think of a single thing I desire to eat that I deny myself. Life is good.

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Really expensive and well made sushi with a bottle of excellent expensive saki. (I have done that before but I would more often)

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Lobster and truffle omelet with Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

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I would have lobster at least once a month, and scampi or scallops twice, and a dash of black caviar once in a while, and some fabulously expensive cheeses on bread made in heaven, and some fine wine.

Oh, and the filet mignon does sound good.

I don’t know of any outrageously expensive vegetables, or I’d choose them just for a treat, but I would like to try truffles sometime.

I’d also like to know what truly premium ice cream is like.

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There’s a restaurant that makes about the best Thai food I’ve ever had. I’ve eaten there a few times, but I’d eat there more frequently. I always get their chili garlic salmon and Indian salad.

I’d eat a lot more desserts if they were healthful: fudge walnut brownies, chocolate chip mint and chocolate chocolate chip ice cream, and low fat milk. :P

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Like @HP I don’t deny myself. I sacrificed for thirty years while raising my children. I’ll happily pay good money for aged cheese.

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Probably seafood, most here in the plains is frozen.
Big juicy fresh steaks and freshwater fish are plentiful though, nothing like home farmfed beef.

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I’d be pickier about where my food is from. Organic farms, that sort of thing.

I’d love to have my own farm or large garden for some fresh produce.

If money was no object I’d hire a chef to cook for me from scratch a few days a week using farm to table low cholesterol low fat recipes.

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This just isn’t a thing, for me anyway.

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Money is not an issue for me. I eat heart healthy foods: Whole grain fiber rich carbohydrates; lots of fruit and vegetables; fish; chicken; very limited beef; non-fat dairy products; low salt. I lay off the junk foods, rich gourmet and highly processed foods. No alcohol, tobacco and other recreational drugs.

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I’d probably just try more fancy restaurants. We do every so often, but it’s definitely a splurge and a treat.

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The only meat I eat is poultry. There is nothing that I refrain from eating solely on the basis of cost.

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I’m very lucky, because I don’t refrain from eating anything on the basis of cost. I do avoid many, many foods because I’m vegan.

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I’d hook up with every jelly here who chooses to go for exquisite food! :D

Seriously, you all listed all the food I want to try and I can’t think of anything more unless there is a new suggestion :)

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I’d just eat at a restaurant more than once a year. If I had the money to eat anything, I’d do something else with it. I’m good on food, but tasting fancy creations from time to time would be nice, though not so often I felt bad about it.

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Kobe beef, crab legs, lobster, seafood in general, pastas with cream sauces or various marinara sauces, high quality desserts, like to try several types of wild game (legal only), would like to try various well made vegetable dishes (don’t eat many vegetables) to see if I like them, and various cheeses and hors d’oeuvres.

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Human meat.

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Cheese of all different kinds

Pizza. I would try it from different places, and eat it often.

Pastries, lots of pastries

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Roast moose.

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@kritiper Don’t know why but that sounds delicious! mmmmm

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@smudges If you ever get the chance to try it, do it! It is SO good!

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I will!

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I would eat… actual money! With a balsamic reduction and

fava beans.

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