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Is this sentence correct? 'The image of me singing in a concert flashes in my mind.'?

Asked by JohnSebastin (7points) June 26th, 2022
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I think that “flashes through my mind” would make more sense to more people than “flashes in my mind.”

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It is correct, but the suggestion from @CunningLinguist is good for clarification.

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It’s technically correct, grammatically, but rather awkward. Do you mean to suggest that you are seeing yourself from the outside, as if you were a third party looking on? That’s what “the image of me” suggests.

“My image” would be more idiomatic, but it’s even more of a double-take as we try to figure out if we’re looking out of your eyes or someone else’s.

What is the context? What is the point of view in the surrounding text? Are you describing a first-person experience as if from the inside? This sentence should be consistent with that.

Would a rewording such as “In a flash, I pictured myself singing in a concert” work just as well with your context and intent? It does say the same thing—picturing yourself as if from the outside—but it has a little more natural flow and doesn’t cause the reader to stop and say “Wait, what?”

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Yes, it’s correct.

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