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Were you surprised that Trump wanted to go to the Capitol on January 6th?

Asked by JLeslie (65078points) June 28th, 2022
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According to testimony yesterday, June 28th, Trump wanted to go to the Capitol with his rioting supporters, but his advisors stopped him.

Most people I have heard talking about this were saying that he promised the people at the rally that he would be with them, but that he never intended to go, but no, it seems he did want to go. I thought maybe he was saying he would be with them, like in spirit, but no, I was wrong too, he actually did want to go. From what was said in the hearing they had to hold Trump back from going.

What do you think he intended to do with that crowd? I was thinking maybe he thought he could go stand over Pence and intimidate him into not certifying the election. I have this picture in my head of those QAnon lunatics picking Trump up and passing him over the crowd, like the male students at my university use to do with us women, passing us up the football stadium.

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I haven’t got to day 6 yet, but I’m not surprised that he wanted to make a show of trying to get there. A struggle can be made to look real by people who are into performance. Was his intent genuine? I’ll reserve judgment on that at the moment. Still working on day 5.

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I was. I know he had promised the Rubes that he would be there to lead them. It was the Secret Service which would not allow it. The fat dummy actually physically attacked the agent hindering him. @Jeruba You gotta see this one. Trump apparently threw tantrums with regularity in the White House, hurling his meals at the television when there were reports of his fkups. His other trick was to just pull the tablecloth off the loaded table when angry. The useless sociopath had not a care for the unnecessary mess he left for the poor staff delegated to cleaning up after his piggy fits. What a worthless contemptible butthole.

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@Jeruba I hope I didn’t spoil it for you.

While I watched the hearing I felt like Trump’s groupies would revel in the fact that Trump tried to be with them just as he had said. It seemed to me the committee had no idea the Proud Boys and alike might be energized by this revelation. Putting that aside, it further demonstrated how Trump was ok with what was happening.

Some parts of the testimony were outright unbelievable! Wait until you hear about the metal detectors. I won’t ruin it for you.

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The testimony also selttled and put the lie to all that bullshit about the insurrectionists arriving at the Capitol unarmed in pursuit of a peaceful demonstration. It’s a must see to be believed exposure of just how far around the bend the fat slug of a man actually is.

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Oh, don’t worry, @JLeslie, you didn’t spoil a thing. The spoiler is the brat who wanted to be God Emperor. Now it’s Schadenfreude time.

I’m going to watch all of it, @HP. I just can’t take it all in as fast as that astoundingly energetic, tenacious, and indefatigable committee can put it out.

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@Jeruba Lol. Surely, you jest.

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Have some popcorn available. It’s riveting stuf. A genuine expose’.

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I haven’t been following closely but I can say that nothing that Trump does or did is a surprise to me. After the “grab em by the pussy” comment, after he made fun of the reporter who had Cerebral Palsy, after so much craaaazy shit that he did, I believe he was drunk with power, wanted to keep that power using any means available, and therefore would stop at almost nothing to do so.

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Agreed. But the details are the garnish that obliterates all chance of perpetuation of the farcical myth Republican toadies have erected.

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I think I remember hearing about it back in January 2021. It makes sense to me that the delusional egomaniac wanted to go.

“What do you think he intended to do with that crowd?”
– I imagine he wanted to be a charismatic hero and say his reality TV signature one-liner: “you’re fired” to Pence before they tried to lynch him.

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No. His dander was up and he wanted a piece of whatever was going to happen. (Pure mob mentality.)

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O think he wanted to be there when the crowd hung Pence.

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@jca2 I dislike Trump but I also dislike the mainstream spread of misinformation, he didn’t mock the reporter’s disability. There are many compilations of him doing that same stupid gesture when mocking different people, the same exact thing, it wasn’t specific to the reporter or because of his cerebral palsy.

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@Austin_: No adult should mock another adult in that way. The fact that he has done it to multiple people makes it more abhorrent.

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@jca2 Not really, looks a lot worse if he was mocking someone’s disability and that’s exactly why all democratic “news” sources manipulated it to make it seem like that’s what he was doing. American news outlets are garbage.

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@Austin_: So you think that mocking someone’s physical characteristics is ok if they’re not disabled?

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Did I say that? We already know he’s an ass, that’s nothing new. All I’m saying is he didn’t mock the dude’s disability.

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@Austin_: I said the fact that he’s done it to multiple people makes it more abhorrent and you said not really.

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@jca2 Because it’s not more abhorrent than if he were mocking someone’s disability like that.

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You’re both correct. Eveyone gets treated like shit by the slug. No one is immune.

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@JLeslie, which remark was the jest?

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@Jeruba … astoundingly energetic, tenacious… The committee members sound very monotone and stayed to me. I wouldn’t call them energetic. I do give them credit for the amount of work they have obviously put into the investigation and the hearing. I’m don’t want to sound negative, just I wouldn’t have used your same descriptive words.

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They have a lot of stamina and a lot of commitment, @JLeslie, to have put together what they are showing us now, which was evidently a monumental task. And now they are sitting there through the delivery of information, going through it all again, all present in solidarity, staying the course, despite knowing they are putting themselves at serious risk for their role in this unprecedented process.

Energetic to have come this far and still be standing. To have done such a broad and deep and prolonged inquiry in spite of all the obstacles they must have met along the way.

Tenacious to have persisted and not given up or bailed out or said it’s all just too much. They have wrestled with an immense amount of information, and they have assembled it brilliantly. Now it is being presented in a calm, straightforward manner, with some drama, yes, but it’s drama inherent in the testimonies themselves and not in theatrics.

(Anyone who has ever prepared a PowerPoint presentation on one small project for the management has the merest sense of what it must have been like to organize and choreograph this tide of information.)

Indefatigable because I think it must have taken them a strenuous effort to resist exhaustion and persevere.

I would have far less confidence in them if they were going for spectacle, making a show of it. Not that they aren’t using strong presentation techniques, but they are sober, serious, and thorough. Their manner of delivery is dignified and credible. Anything less would have been a travesty. They are obviously conscious of their role in the history of this nation, and they have refrained from grandstanding or showing off for their constituencies or playing to the peanut gallery. Surely you wouldn’t prefer that they had?

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@Jeruba I’m with you. I haven’t watched it all but from what I’ve heard or seen, I’m very, very impressed.

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@Jeruba Like I said, The time, effort, and fortitude, is not lost on me. Not to mention the risk (which you did mention) is real with these gun toting lunatics around.

I do prepare PowerPoints for presentations, and often times I need to do research for those presentations, and it’s much more work than people might imagine, and my presentations are only about 20 minutes! I’m completely in agreement with you.

I was only commenting on the delivery at the hearing, but there is no other way really, because it’s not like a hearing is going to have lots of jocularity and fun moments. It’s the nature of the event that the presentation will be steadfast and serious. You were talking about the entire endeavor start to finish.

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Do you now see, @JLeslie, that I surely was not jesting?

If there was any jest, it was that I don’t have the stamina to simply watch an entire installment in the length of time that it takes them to be on task and put it out.

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Obviously, I do.

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