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Is Cassidy Hutchinson's life at risk for testifying at the January 6 hearings?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32765points) June 29th, 2022
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And describing Trump’s actions in such a non-complimentary way?

Would the Trumpies or Proud Boys wish to punish her?

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Absolutely. Just look at what has happened to others that went against the Trump lie.

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You can bet that the nut jobs will pile up on her net wise. She’s pretty, so the perverts and fantasy stalkers will also be busy. But who knows? She might well earn a fortune peddling the dirt she has on the fat boy and the things she’s seen and heard. Come to think of it, the wreckage she has thus far wreaked on the Republican facade might well put her at great risk, due to fears of what else she might reveal. I think it probable that she is heavily guarded. In any event, a normal life for her is not in her near term future. She’ll get a bazillion dollar book deal at minimum. She’s an excellent example of the value in a habit of keeping a journal.

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I doubt, particularly. Our nutjobs are all pussy school shooters and victimizers of other soft targets. Assassination is just beyond their feeble minded capabilities.

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Yes. I don’t doubt it a bit.

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Sure. No doubt that’s why her testimony was moved up.

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I’d dye my hair blonde and leave the country for a long while. Probably change my name too.

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Yes, as is anyone with damning testimony when charges are pending.

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She received warnings and faced intimidation from the Trump camp even before her first closed door deposition in April. The pressure is 10 times more intense since her live testimony.

I think the reason the Jan. 6 committe rushed to bring her into a public hearing is because they know she will need to move into protection to avoid threats.

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Can’t see why according to our friendly Rep\cons Jan6th was just a big snuggle fest.

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I would think so. All sorts of lunatics out there.

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