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Do the fireworks stress your dog (s) out?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46020points) July 3rd, 2022
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They don’t stress Cato out. He sleeps right through them. He’s just like me. Apparently there was a propane explosion just a block up the street. It was 4 a.m. I never heard a thing.

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My GoldenDoodle loves fireworks and stares at them, tail wagging the whole time. My wife, daughter, and the doodle went tonight to see some.

Meanwhile, my Maltese hates the noises and get angry when folks set them off in my neighborhood.

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I don’t have a dog, but a friend just posted a photo on Facebook of her teenage daughter and their dog under the bed waiting for fireworks to stop. The daughter was keeping the frightened dog company.

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@JLeslie How sweet!
My granddaughter hates them. She completely stresses out, which stresses me out.

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Your do? No, I have never been distracted from what I’m doing by fireworks, ever ~

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Fireworks and thunderstorms stress my little guy out. I have to be his thunder-buddy to get him through. Otherwise he runs around the house barking, trying to warn the loud noise away. He wants to protect us.

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My male doesn’t mind, but we raised him. My old female rescue hates thunder and fireworks so she slept in my room last night. With the fan and tv on she was fine.

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We have only had ours a couple weeks, so far no worries. We’ll have the microdose of children’s Benadryl on hand in case she starts to freak the F out tonight though.

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Thus far, no problems, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn’t become one. The wildlife though get freaked out as I understand it.

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Rightttt… now I understand why I’m seeing so many thundershirt ads on tv right now. Doesn’t work, but when has that ever stopped a pet supplier?

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One of my cats (Smokey The Cat) is extremely nervous and shy. Just pouring pop corn kernels into a pan sends him running for his life. Smokey T. Cat disappears for a couple days during fireworks times. I’ve searched for him to no avail. Also disappears whenever gusts come over. Some have been coming over for years and have never seen Smokey T. Cat. They likely think that Smokey T. Cat is a figment of my imagination. But I’ve got pictures.

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