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Is there an official "phobia" or term that's used to describe "Obsessed with work"?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) September 18th, 2008
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In context, I’m trying to describe those typical police detectives who are gung-ho and hell bent on bringing ONE criminal down, “if it’s the last thing he does”. You know the type?

Is there an official word or term used to describe that particular mindset?

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workaholic ?

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Do you mean afraid of not working?

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for a cop “beyond the call of duty” would be a good one too

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I don’t think there is a phobia involved in any way. Obsession is an excellent word for this case. If you want others, singlemindedness, compulsion, fixation, preoccupation.

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There’s one for death by working too much Karōshi.

But I actually think the most likely term for it is actually workaholic.

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Fixation would be a good one.

Another example:

“Every day I get four case logs sent to my desk, and every day I send four right back for redistribution. I still haven’t caught the guy that murdered that friend of mine. I won’t sleep or eat until I bring him into justice. I won’t take a promotion, and I’ll work twice as hard to protect myself from demotion. Every day, in every way, I will be looking for this jerk off… and given the age gap between him and me, he’ll either get arrested one day or drop dead a day before. Either way, this isn’t over until I say it’s over.”

…that mindset.

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isn’t obsessed and phobia like two different things?

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From that exerpt…I’d definitely say obsession and not phobia.

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yeah, phobia doesn’t apply here. I’d call that a good old fashioned obsession.

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Phobias mean “fear of”...different than being obsessed or fixated.

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unless it’s fear of being fixated…..think about that one

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That is another phobia….after much pondering, I might add.

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I know. Thanks for pondering.

By the way, you’re really close to your 10,000 mark too. good job!

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A phobia is a negative association or a fear, what you’re thinking of is a philia.

Ergophilia is the love of work or exercise. (ye be amazed what Google be offerin’ you, arr! .. sorry me hearties, it be September the 19th when I be writin’ this)

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