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Transfering stuff from iphone to MacBook?

Asked by Magnus (2884points) September 18th, 2008
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but wait, there’s a catch. I don’t have a router here… Nor Internet for my MacBook. Suggestions?

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Are you jailbroken?

If so, you can use a file manager that connects through the USB cable and transfer everything you need over.

Scratch that. You don’t have Internet to download it anyway, and you most likely are not jailbroken.

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yup, no breaking of jail yet. I’m just transfering a picture. How can that be so hard?!

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Ooh, I might know how.

Plug it in, go to “explore device” or something similar then navigate aroud. There should only be 1 or two folders that you can access, and the pictures should be in one.

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ok, where am I supposed to find this explore device thing..? I’m on a mac btw

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Can’t you connect the iPhone to your Macbook through bluetooth? Then it should mount itself and you can just open it up in iPhoto.

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Can’t help you there. I love iPods, but I despise apple.

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1. Set iTunes to sync photos on the iPhone with iPhoto


2. Use Image Capture to directly access the pics on your iPhone.

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