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Should I clean up this confetti at my work?

Asked by Cindy1302 (806points) July 7th, 2022
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I work for a commercial cleaning company. At one of the office cubicles there is a bunch of confetti on the ground. I’m guessing it was someone’s birthday or something. Usually I would vacuume the area of normal stuff, like dirt, but should I be expected to pick up all the confetti?

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Yes, it is your job.

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Yes, you are a cleaner. You are supposed to clean.

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If the confetti is long and stringy it will clog your vacuum cleaner. If that’s the case then you need to talk to your boss and let him know that you have to spend extra time cleaning up a mess.

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It would have been nice if a note was left apologizing for the mess, but so be it. It is your job to clean it. My guess is that the employee doesn’t have access to a vacuum cleaner at work, so relies on you to sort it out.

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Seven hours in now.
Are you still waiting for answers (mine would be “yes, suck it up”) on what to do?
I can imagine you, hoover in hand, in front of said cubicle, contemplating the answers on Fluther.
Can you please let us know what transpired?

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Just consider the confetti to be the same as dirt or trash (just a little bit cleaner). YES, you are expected to clean up the confetti!!!

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and it’s a floor. Why do so many people call a floor “the ground”? and I’ve seen the reverse too, altho not so much

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Get out your vacuum and suck it up.

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@smudges Best answer!

Clean; that is your job.

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Suppose we said no, just vacuum in between the particles of confetti?

But of course you’re expected to clean it up, whether they have access to a vacuum cleaner or not. If you leave it, you will surely hear about it, and it won’t be a compliment.

The tricky question would be, what about confetti that is on the desk, the shelves, or any other non-floor cubicle area? And my answer would be that I don’t know. But I hope your manager does.

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Any confetti above floor level should be knocked onto the floor with a feather duster, followed by the vacuuming of the floor. Just be careful to NOT disrupt anybody’s desk.

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Helpful hint-use a lint roller or tape for confetti, much faster.
But yes, it’s your job. :)

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Check your description of your duties when you started.
If it just says clean and what are your responsibilities note if there are exceptions.
In either case you get paid overtime I hope, so take your time cleaning it.

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Yeah I think you should clean it but take your time. lol

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