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What is the strictest state, city, etc. in any part of the world regarding dogs being left in a heated car?

Asked by chefl (912points) July 11th, 2022
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By the way, is it only the car, summer weather, or can it be any enclosed space that is too hot?

What is the penalty if the dog is found dead?

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I doubt you will find anything authoritative. Anmal control is a local (county, city, not even state) responsibility.

Other than the SPCA or similar NGOs, I can’t imagine any group compiling this sort of information, much less doing so internationally.

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You’re on your own here. Happy researching! :)

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@chefl Not sure but when I see it I call the police.When it’s a dog (animal) left incar in hot weather.

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@elbanditoroso and @si3tech I understand.
Dog welfare is very important to a lot of people.
I don’t know if “hot button issue” is the right expression.

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