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What should happen to the person, (with no mental problem), who kicks your dog, cat, etc?

Asked by chefl (917points) July 20th, 2022
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That is for example a dog that wasn’t trying to bite chase him/her. The person kicks the dog for “fun” I guess.

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I am not a fan of violence but I might get so upset I would push them or kick them, or punch them. I might call the cops. I think it’s one of those situations that it’s hard to really guess what the reaction would be unless you actually were in the situation.

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That’s a crime that should be reported to the police.

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If you’re asking me specifically, an eye for an eye. Nothing pisses me off more than cruelty to animals.

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Yeah, I think they should be kicked with proportionally the same amount of force. So, the equivalent of a titan kicking the animal abuse. Maliciously kicking my cat would have me reconsidering my usual merciful nature.

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I can’t believe you even need to ask. I would be like a rabid dog, a screaming banshee, a ninja with nunchucks. It would be the last time animal abuser ever kicked my dog.

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They should get bitten.

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The first thing I would do is give him/her the dressing down of their lives and tell them that if I ever see them do it again I would report them to the police and get get them charged with animal cruelty which carries a substantial fine, a prison sentence or both.

I had an incident a while ago when I saw a man hitting his dog with a stick. I was so incensed that I grabbed the stick from him and told him if he ever did it again and I saw it I would beat him with the stick to see how he liked it.

Against the law I know but why should a brute inflict pain on a defenceless animal.

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What they said!

A minor kicked my small terrier and she went blind and later died. His mother refused to apologize saying if it wasnt recorded, I couldnt do shit.
She was right.

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Report it to the authorities and hopefully as a lesson on how to trat animals they should be expected to report to the nearest animal shelter to spend a specific amount of weeks or months learning how to be compassionate toinnocent animals.
I am beginning to wonder if we all should be wearing GOPRO’s to record.

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@KNOWITALL That’s horrible. If her tires got slashed and her house egged, if it’s not recorded I guess she couldn’t do shit either.

We just lost our little puppy so I’m especially sensitive to this right now.

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Anyone kicking my dog gets a slap & apologises to him up close & to my satisfaction.
They may then pick up their teeth & move away defeated.

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@Blackwater_Park I’m sorry, how horrible.

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What if the dog kicker says something like “It’s not the way it’s made out to be (cruel call the police, etc.) because, eventhough it was an unprovoked, I didn’t do it for fun.” (Edited)

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@chefl Then I want to hit them again.

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The statement makes no sense, right? And although we don’t encourage violence, the sentiment is understandable.

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Pro abortonists can be just as correct as anti-abortionists when it comes to dogs being kicked (animal rights in general) etc,. They don’t say “Well, animals don’t have “opposable thumbs, ....and they can’t be astronauts so it’s ok to abuse them.”

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Off with his head!

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