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Have you seen this video of a huge jellyfish swarm off the coast of Israel?

Asked by LuckyGuy (41355points) July 24th, 2022
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Don’t you wish we had that many active users?

Jellyfish swarm off the coast of Israel.

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Be careful for what you ask!!! Yes, it would be nice to have more active users. Still, back in the mid 60’s, my family was vacationing in Florida when a swarm of jellyfish covered BOTH the East & West coasts of Florida. Tourists were flocking to the shore to frolick & enjoy their annual vacation. You could see the jellies in the water, but they appeared docile & simply floating with the tide. Shortly thereafter, ALL you hear were screams coming from the water. It seemed that they had paired up where one would wrap around the front of the torso & the other wrapped around the back. Just as soon as you jumped, they’d start stinging. The harder you tried to pry them off of you, the harder they stung. The local hospitals were at capacity with vacationers who were in terrible pain. That was the first time I was glad my dad was insistent on the kids waiting until he could get everything out of the car so he could supervise us in the water. We left the very next morning!!!

Yes, a swarm of newbies would liven the place up. At the same time, it could bring utter chaos!!!

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Yes! I miss having so many users. I’m afraid to say anything else seeing that seven answers have been modded.

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@chyna I think you’re safe. One of those was for writing standards & I’m pretty sure that I know which BOT created that problem. Just guessing, 3 were a victim of the first one since they responded. Two are SPAM & I know we’re having problems with a spammer right now because this isn’t the first Q they’ve hit today. That leaves the last modded which appears to be somebody commenting that they flagged the SPAM & they got caught up in the crossfire.

Dream sweet tonight & don’t let the mods erase your dreams!!! ;}

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I’m stung by the implications…

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@LadyMarissa I recall a Portuguese man o war invasion infestation in Miami around that time. My brother and I didn’t know what they were or that they could be dangerous. We wore our beach sandals and ran along the shoreline stepping on the bladders so they would make a popping noise. We didn’t get stung. Whew!

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@LuckyGuy YES…you were very lucky!!! I think that you are right as my memory was telling me it was mainly the man o war that was doing the damages, but I couldn’t remember for sure & didn’t want to put out false info. They looked beautiful, calm, & serene as they floated with the tide…quite a lovely sight. Yet the damage unleashed when their true colors shown through was shocking!!! From what various victims said, their sting lasted for hours no matter what was used to ease the pain.

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Not really. I enjoy some newbies, true, but rarely. Your opinions mean more because I know you a bit, and that you give thought to your answers. Even if we aren’t friends, I can respect your intellect. :)

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