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Can we have another round of appreciation for the mods?

Asked by janbb (61425points) July 27th, 2022
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They’ve just worked really hard removing our most recent bot. Boris and Natasha be gone! The mods are few in number and the work can be hard at times for no remuneration.

Show them some lurve, please!

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I always appreciate the mods! It is a thankless task, and they get so much crap from disgruntled users, and still do this job.
Personally, I am extremely gruntled (yeah, it’s a word) with them. And, to be clear, I get modded, and get annoyed sometimes, but I always am grateful for them!!!

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Yay mods!!!

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Thank you, Fluther Mods!

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Heck! I’d bet they’re still hung over from the last round!

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Response moderated (But thanks for the nudes)

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@bttrfldBurton2025ueieEnthusias was a bot? Interesting.

Anyway, I will happily cheer for the mods any day. Three times three, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!

I greatly appreciate what they do and have been doing for a long time. I’ve been modded plenty of times myself, and I didn’t always agree, but on balance I find them to be conscientious, supportive, and fair. So much of what is still good about this place depends on our mods. I, for one, want to treat them as the treasures they are. Love you, Mods!

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Happy you are here !

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Heartfelt thanks, moderators. What you take the time to do improves fluther, and I think we all want that. >8^)

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Hey Mods,
Thank you for all you do! Thanks to you and your diligence we only see the tip of the iceberg!
You keep the beach clean and the waters clear!
Thank you!

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l u v – d a – m o d s – !

Luv ‘em
Squeeze ‘em
Hug ‘em
Feed them cookies

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^Now I want to be a mod to get hugs and cookies.

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I appreciate their efforts and always have.

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@chyna: As luck would have it, I’m currently offering a non-mod hug and cookie special.

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Respect and gratitude. We are lucky to have you.

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YAAAAY, MODS! If anyone deserves an old fashioned tidepool party it’s the mods!

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Three cheers for the mods. You are all far too MOD-est.

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Thank you to the Mods for all that they do to make this a civilized site.

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