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Which well known enough comedians are interesting to listen to (are not predictible)?

Asked by chefl (708points) 1 week ago
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Among all the big names with a TV show, which ones are worth listening to?

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oops I meant comedians/comediennes

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Since comedy is such an individual taste, I would hesitate to recommend a comedian to anyone unless I knew them very well.

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Conan O’Brien.
He has a podcast, and every episode is interesting to listen to, and funny.

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Funnier than me?! If you insist… I like Dry Bar on you tube.

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I have yet to find one with a regular show that is worth the time when it comes to humor. The last one was probably Johnny Carson. Other comics that I believe are good are Gallagher, Brad Williams, and Bob Saget (R.I.P.). Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy, and Richard Prior were hilarious as well. But all of those, with the exception of Gallagher, I would not want to watch with small children in the room.

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But is there a comedian who says something different?

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“Something different” is not clear what I meant.
For example which ones address this: Navratilova, Jenner and others regarding swimmer Thomas (last name) in competition with women. (Edited)

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