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Is Biden as bad as conservatives claim?

Asked by Cindy1302 (634points) 1 week ago
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Conservatives, or the current Republican Party, the Alt-Right and Fox News?

Biden is a traditional centrist establishment Democrat, and I’d say is pretty conservative himself. But he’s experienced, smart, sane and qualified to be President. Some conservatives who aren’t Alt-Right might say the same thing about him.

Alt-Right messages have tried calling Biden a Socialist, a radical, out to destroy America, etc., but that’s all just not at all true.

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No he’s not as bad. Conservatives think he’s actively destroying America, which is ridiculous. But I think he’s ineffectual and has a horrible voting record. Also, I don’t think he’s particularly smart.

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I hate Biden. Some of the reasons:

• I think it’s extremely likely that Biden sexually assaulted his staffer, Tara Reade, told her “you’re nothing to me, nothing.” and then fired her when she didn’t go along with it.

• He played a major role in the 1994 crime bill that did a lot of damage to black families in this country.

• He’s famous for taking donations and then doing what his donors want including helping prevent anti-trust and regulations on industries like credit cards, banks, etc. He has worked hard to help shape the modern Democratic Party into a cesspool of corruption.

• His bankruptcy bill was just plain evil.

• His son, Hunter, is a scumbag, and I’m very confident that Biden did deals to benefit his son.

• I think his cognitive decline is real and a legitimate concern.

• Now that he has the presidency, there are many things he could be doing with executive orders to improve the lives of Americans that he will not (e.g. removing marijuana from the schedule 1 drug list, forgiving student loans).

• I could go on, but I’ll leave it there.

That said, he got us out of Afghanistan. It was a total shit show, but we finally got the fuck out. I’ll always be grateful to him for that at least.

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Of course not. Republicans also claim Trump admirable, even blemish free. To gauge Republican evaluation of Biden, note that so many of those complaining loudest are exactly those who sought pardons from Trump for their participation in crimes they swear they didn’t commit.

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He is a moderate, as am I. I am not happy with some of his behavior over the years, especially his badmouthing of Anita Hill. His cabinet isn’t stellar; I actually find his chief economist to be ignorant.
That said, I thank the Lord we have him in the White House, and not Orange Julius Caesar.

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@filmfann ”...He is a moderate..,”

Give me a break…

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He’s a zombie, an embarrassing spectacle, but hey, “anyone but Trump” right? :D

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He’s much worse.

Conservatives think Biden is some sort of communist radical set on “destroying the country”.

This would be a great and wonderful thing if it were remotely true.

Unfortunately it is absurdly false. Biden is really no different to (and as bad as) any would-be conservative President. He’s a reactionary, utterly wedded to the established order and the service of capital and the rich.

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I think when they pushed Biden into the office, they got exactly what conservatives predicted. His mental functions are questionable, they have already talked about getting him out of office, his “moderate” views of his campaign were immediately tossed aside for the uber-left agenda, he made us a slave to foreign oil again, he destroyed the economy not just for us but for our children and grand children, he’s a racist, and the list goes on. All these things were predicted when he was running. And the left claimed it was “disinformation”, alt-right, white supremacists, etc. And now, even after predicting it all, they are still trying to blame Republicans.

If the media actually did their jobs, he would not have been elected. Take Hunter’s laptop as a perfect example. The leftist media swore it was Russian Disinformation. People were censored on leftist social media for even bringing up the story. Yet now that he is in office, it’s suddenly all true. But they are still not doing anything about it.

A question like this exists because Biden is given a pass at every turn. He is not held to the same level of accountability as Trump was or as Bush II was.

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Is Biden actually doing anything other than fumbling through speeches prepared by his staffers?

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He’s far worse than conservatives claim. But the reasons they give are patently false.

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“Uber Left agenda”. What Uber left agenda has he implemented? Universal healthcare? Cancelling all student loans? Taking marijuana off the schedule 1 list? He didn’t do any of those things.

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@rockfan He could do all those things and I would not call him uber-left. Uber-left want to burn everything down without any real plan on what to do after. I’m center-right and I’m for legalizing weed, healthcare reform and zeroing the interest rates on student loans and cancelling loans made by nefarious for-profit “schools.” The particulars on how those things get accomplished will differentiate me from left or center-left counterparts.

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@seawulf575 As an uber-left person, just waiting and waiting for this uber-left agenda, can you cheer me up and tell me what uber-left things have been implemented?

@Blackwater_Park Just because you’re not aware of a plan doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

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@Kropotkin I have yet to hear a single thing from any uber-lefty about what to do after they “burn it down.” History is rich with examples of this sort of thing and spoiler alert: it’s almost universally worse.

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No. The Republicans are always trying to make the Democrats their scape goats. And they know the general voting public is stupid enough to believe it.

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@kritiper Well, the part of the voting public that is stupid enough to even consider voting for Republicans at this point, anyway.

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@Zaku Would any others matter??

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@gorillapaws So, you hate Biden.
Would you vote Republican to avoid voting for Biden, or simply not vote for anyone?
Do you ever assume someone is guilty of something without them being convicted of it?

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@kritiper “Would you vote Republican to avoid voting for Biden, or simply not vote for anyone?”

There has never been a Republican I could vote for in my lifetime. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I voted for “Howie Hawkins.”

@kritiper “Do you ever assume someone is guilty of something without them being convicted of it?”

Sure. I’m human, thoughI tend to give people the benefit of the doubt.

After hearing the evidence supporting Tara Reade’s accusation, I think it’s extremely likely she’s telling the truth. For her claim to be false she would have had to fabricate the entire story in the 90’s tell several people. Have her mom call into Larry King at the time without naming Biden directly, but not pursue it at the time because she was hoping one day Biden would finally win a primary for the Presidency so she could unleash her accusations publicly 30ish years later. You’d be asking me to believe that was her plan?

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@kritper Not to them. I was just qualifying your term “the general voting public”, since I don’t think all of the general voting public is stupid enough to believe their nonsense.

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Where did Biden or his cabinet ever say that they were going to “burn it all down”? Seems like you’re just making stuff up. In reality Biden has served the establishment like any typical corporate democrat.

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Just look around. See what’s happening before letting the chatter convince you.
In NYC we’re being taught what do in case of the bomb. We got this they say. China has a bomb alert, it’s
called US General Mark A Milley.

Build Back Better act is a stack of papers 2,100 pages long so you can almost
be certain NO politician wrote it or even read it.

That’s why Biden is so bad. (to me) Letting the swamp run this country.
Like a sock puppet.

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