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Is there a gene for being able to speak in low volume?

Asked by chefl (662points) 1 week ago
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It doesn’t seem that all people have it, since I keep encountering people who think they are speaking in low volume when you can hear everything, without them being close enough. It’s not when they are angry etc. I get to hear other people’s problems when I have no choice be sitting close to someone who gave a me a chance to post an OP about cellphone giving and wrong time and date etc.

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I have known men like that. One man in particular never whispered unless he thought it was important. He never would whisper if a baby was just dropping off to sleep, but he had no problem whispering in a tree-stand, so I know that he knew how to.

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It’s called the ‘considerate’ gene. It’s recessive and skips two generations. ;)

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@snowberry I’ve known women too that have no clue.

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