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Do you support your local animal shelters?

Asked by RayaHope (2802points) 1 week ago
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I have two cats that we rescued and I wish we could have more. I think it’s so sad to have so many poor little cats and dogs living and dying in those cages. Is there a way to end this horror?

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Yes, but the focus is always in the wrong place. Spaying and neutering, prosecuting for abandonment, shut down the puppy mills, stuff like that.
Blame the bad guys who behave irresponsibly instead of the people who buy from reputable breeders.

And yes, I support a couple of shelters, with food and donations.

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Yes, they have lists on amazon to make it easy.

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@canidmajor Oh bless you for your support. I know this is a big problem and it goes much deeper than just shelters.

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I adopted 3 cats from the local SPCA. One came with a terrible respiratory infection. Cost a pile of money in vet bills.
Sadly he died suddenly. He acted normal all day then I saw him just drop dead. No heart beat no breathing.

I also give money.

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@gondwanalon oh that is so sad poor little guy :(

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I think a good start would be to require people to take some sort of pet care classes to receive a license saying they can adopt a pet. You then wonder, if this would make more puppy mills who will ignore the law. If anyone is found selling a dog without verifying license or they don’t register as legal dog breeders that must meet certain conditions then they not only get shut down but they can lose their property as well. As for individuals who haven’t had their dogs spaded and who ends up with puppies they don’t want then have them but want to sell them then have them register the puppies at the local dog pound and have them verify licenses so they have a record of who’s adopting theses puppies and you know they will go to someone who knows how to take care of dogs or cats.
The biggest problems is expectations. People go get a cute puppy and don’t realize the do’s or don’ts of raising young animals.

When they should be weaned. What should they expect from the seller. Also about training options and whether they have the time and energy to take care of it or the finances for medical needs and health. What are typical things to look for and why and when to neuter.
Do you have time to walk them daily? Are you buying a fragile animal where it may be unsupervised around a toddler? When you go on vacation can you take your animal with you or do you have or can afford a service near you.

My point is dogs end up in bad places because people who adopt don’t understand that its almost like adopting a human baby. It relies on you 100 percent and can take up a great deal of your time and money. And they also require training and patience. They don’t come to your home knowing all the rules and they cannot speak and tell you what’s wrong, so they will act up sometimes. They can also be unpredictable.
Then you also go into that certain breeds won’t be acceptable in some homes and people may have allergies to dogs or cats.

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@Pandora That makes so much sense. I did also want a puppy until my dad explained the things you have just said and since we already had two cats. Maybe someday I’ll get a dog.

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Yes, I do, although it would probably be smarter of me to donate food, blankets and other material things rather than money. I know those things will be used for the animals, whereas you never know if your money is going towards animal care or into someone’s pocket.

This is sort of related to what @Pandora has already said – one of my pet peeves no pun intended is people who don’t understand that an 8 week old Great Dane, for example, is just as much of a baby in a very real sense as a delicate little Beagle. Many people go by size, not age, when thinking about how much the dog should know, trainability, etc. A puppy who is big, even huge (for a puppy) is just as ignorant and innocent as the tiny puppies that everyone coos about. Their bodies, as well, can’t take rough-housing any more than the little guys.

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We donate food and treats to local, have T-shirts from 5 countries and 8 states !

Send a check to two shelters, once a year.

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@smudges That is so true, baby doesn’t coincide with size, only age. @Tropical_Willie You are truly a responsible and good person and much appreciated:)

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Last 5 dogs were “rescues” !

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@Tropical_Willie Many blessings to you and your family :)

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I don’t give money for reasons. I bought a special truck, industrial cloths washer with
long warranty, soap, catered events for shelters (and local schools) send truckloads
of food (many) to food banks. Support flights for war dogs. Pay contractors to
renovate (parts of) apartments when owners wouldn’t renovate houses when owners
couldn’t. Over twenty now including 2 ramps. Many people need guidance I can’t do.
I bought instruments and set up salary (1 year) for a music teacher all in a Thai temple.

My siblings have taken over now. I stay home.

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@WhyNow WOW you need a break with all that you’ve done. I’m glad your siblings are helping out now. I forget…what instruments do you play?

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Surprisingly it did not and does take too much time. It does take a clear vision
and will. And lots of money and a of of accountants a lot of lawyers bankers
financial advisers and a team of personal assistants and a lot meetings and a
head of house to make sure the cut flowers are done right and housekeepers
and a chef to make sure I eat… it never never ends. I would move into a
refrigerator box if I could.

I play piano my whole life but now 5 hours a week. I play guitar about 2 hours
a day have a voice coach once a week.

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I tried guitar but my fingers got far too sore and I wasn’t any good at it. A refrigerator box sounds awfully small, maybe just a one-bedroom apartment would be nice.

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^^ How nice! A fantasy. A one bedroom, a dog to adopt me and take me to
the park. A modest job. Upgrade to Alpo by playing on the street once in a while.
Maybe meet a girl. It would be so nice. Thank you.

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@WhyNow She sings so mellowly, perfect slow dancing music.

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Both the city and local SPCA have a no kill policy except for animals suffering some terrible injury or disease.

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@HP That is SO great to hear. Although I hate the idea of putting a cat or dog to sleep it is the best thing for severely injured and medically unfixable animals. But even saying this makes me so sad :(

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