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Have you experienced previously unknown sensations and increased interest when you were sleeping?

Asked by freguarUK (148points) 1 week ago
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In the dream I recognized the smell of a crow, the taste and smell of snake venom and skin. In real life, I have not encountered these feelings. I also noticed that the changing landscape and architecture as well as their details communicate with me. What does your dream experience tell you?

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Once I felt like I couldn’t move and I think I was wide awake. I thought someone was in my bedroom holding me but no one was there. That was very scary.

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Slee paralysis @RayaHope. Very common.

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I dreamed that I could fly. It involved tensing my abs really tight. The tighter I clenched, the higher I went. It seemed so real I had to try it when I awoke.
It didn’t work.

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I fly the same way @LuckyGuy!

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@Dutchess_III I’ll bet you achieved the same results. :-)

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My arms hurt!

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The higher I go the easier it gets.
I’ve been talking to my 8 year old granddaughter about lucid dreaming. :)

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Yes. Just two nights ago I was dreaming about motorcycles.

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@LuckyGuy & @Dutchess_III I’ve dreamt I could fly many times. It’s sooo wonderful! I slowly begin flapping my arms and get faster and faster and then I just start going up. I have to keep my arms moving to go higher and to stay up. People on the ground are always amazed. Once, when I was just beginning to wake up, I realized that it was a dream, that I couldn’t really fly, and it made me cry. Those dreams are so effin’ awesome!!

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It’s called puberty.

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@WhyNow LOL!! very mixed emotions about puberty.

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I had a dream about flying once. Think the dude I bought from laced my hoochy with something. I’ve never been able to replicate it.

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@Nomore_Tantrums maybe it was that Marijuana I was talking about.

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