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Right-wing cancel culture gone wild? Would you stop eating at Cracker Barrel because they added Impossible Meat to the menu?

Asked by elbanditoroso (31784points) 1 week ago
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Has the right wing totally flipped?

Cracker Barrel announced they were adding Impossible Sausage (which is plant based) as a menu option.

disclosure: I go to Cracker Barrel maybe once a year when I am in the mood for grease and biscuits. Their biscuits are good

Of course the Trumpie right wingers said “Cracker Barrel is now ‘woke’ and we will never go there again!”

All this for adding one menu item – there are still dozens of other fried options they can choose from.

Is this another example of cancel culture? Or just plain stupidity?

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I doubt they’re all that worked up about it. It’s not like the place went vegan. As far as greasy, country breakfast is concerned, Cracker Barrel is pretty high on the list for a lot of folks I know.

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What’s wrong with a plant-based alternative? Wouldn’t that be healthier?

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I’d pick second option, stupidity. I doubt that the loss of Trumper customers will break their bank. They’ll get over it anyway, just leave them alone awhile to chew some tobacco and make love to their guns.

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I stopped eating at Cracker Barrel because their food is terrible.

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I think they’re stuck in their belief system and will cut off their nose to spite their face at all costs. Seriously, I think that with many of them, they’ve backed themselves into a corner and don’t know how to get out without admitting they were wrong, and if they did that, they’d lose face with many of their neighbors, family and friends.

I definitely don’t assume they’re all stupid.

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I think the world has gone absolutely bat shit bonkers, that there are arguments in the comments (in the article) from people turning it into a political issue.

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Sounds like stupidity to me.

I was opposed to eating Impossible Burger for a while, but I would never have boycotted a restaurant simply for offering it.

I eventually read a little more about it, then tried it, and I actually liked it, at least prepared at home.

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They are running out of things to boycott.

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Did the right complain when Burger King offered their impossible burger? Why are they singling out Cracker Barrel?

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I am sure they will point to liberals boycotting chick-fil-a and hobby lobby, who financially support the right wing effort to re-criminalise LGBTQ people, and claim it is the same thing as boycotting a restaurant because they added the option of plant based meat.

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I doubt it’s widespread among Republicans that they are boycotting CB for this.

I still say there are “outside forces” creating anger about things like this to stir up and divide Americans.

It’s an additional menu option, they aren’t replacing all their meat with plant based food. It’s stupid to be angry about it.

Republicans are supposedly furious with Disney and boycotting. I was hoping they would stay away so it wouldn’t be so crowded. That doesn’t seem to be happening in any major way.

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I can’t read the linked article and I will not sign up to do so but I guarantee this is just an opinion piece about a hand full of complaints. Nobody really gives a shit if Cracker Barrel offers this as a menu option. You don’t go to Cracker Barrel to have impossible sausage. You go there to load up on high fat, calorie dense, nutritionally sparse food. It probably will not even stay on the menu for very long.

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@JLeslie “I doubt it’s widespread among Republicans that they are boycotting CB for this.”

Not to be too conspiratorial, but the whole thing could be a marketing/publicity stunt to get their name in the press with a manufactured controversy that’s not really controversial.

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Also can’t read the article but since Cracker Barrel is just down I44 a few miles from me, I can assure you the purported loss isn’t affecting them here.

Our stores here sell egg substitutes, black bean burgers, etc.. and we have vegan menu options at restaurants, even in my small suburb, so it doesn’t make any sense to me.
No, we won’t stop eating there on rare occasions with the Boomer parents.

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I LOVE CRACKER BARREL!!! So, NO, I won’t stop eating there because of ONE menu item!!! I’m sure that somebody likes the idea of the Impossible <whatever> or Burger King wouldn’t still be selling them. Just because it’s on the menu, it does NOT mean that I “have to” order it!!! I don’t eat liver & they have it on the menu. I just skip over reading that & go on to find something that I DO like!!! My menu fave is their grill chicken tenders with a side of dumplings. It taste sooo much better than their chicken & dumplings meal. Since having my stroke, I find it pretty much impossible to make chicken & dumplings at home. CB’s are delicious & I don’t have the mess to clean up afterward!!!

My BFF & I meet up at CB for lunch maybe 3 times a year…occasionally more, so they wouldn’t even miss me IF I never went back!!!

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@LadyMarissa I took your response to mean that your BFF wouldn’t miss you. lol, I’m so clueless sometimes :)

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@gorillapaws That could be. Good point.

I was thinking more China, Russia, Proud Boys, Trolls, political extremist groups, but I’m very conspiracy oriented towards social media being used by those entities to encourage Americans to hate each other.

The owner of Noah’s Ark in Kentucky (some Australian guy) has been capitalizing on the Disney/DeSantis thing. I think he’s behind some of the messaging through social media, but maybe he just benefitted without being the instigator. He certainly received plenty of free publicity when Disney made their statement about the “don’t say gay” laws.

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I think of Cracker Barrel as cafeteria-quality food and so not worthy of a huge controversy. I know it’s popular with a certain segment of the population and popular in certain areas of the country.

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@JLeslie I’m just picturing the Cracker Barrel Marketing team brainstorming a campaign to introduce their new menu item, and someone raised their hands and suggested: “How about we pay a few right-wing bloggers to feign outrage about it?” If true, it worked. I’ve thought about Cracker Barrel more today than I have in the past several years combined.

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@gorillapaws I wonder if the left is talking about it more than the right at this point?

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@JLeslie The left is of course talking more about it as another in the seemingly limitless non stop opportunities to portray conservatism in America as a cult of idiocy. And in this, the left never had it so good. Not a day is allowed to pass without this impression being hammered into the consciousness of the world.

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@HP There are so many examples of this stuff happening on the right that I don’t think you can try to say it’s only a left wing thing.

What about the war on Christmas? That was completely manufactured bullshit, yet Christians all over social media posted about the audacity of saying Happy Hollidays as some sort of way to exclude Christmas rather than what it really is; to include everyone.

Or, that Democrats are currently using eugenics to kill Black babies at Planned Parenthood. That’s ridiculous, no one is forcing Black women to abort.

Or, that taking a knee during the National Anthem is like directly spitting on all soldiers who fought for our country. The men kneeling weren’t addressing what our soldiers have done for us as a nation at all.

Both political sides are out of control, but I still say that we the people can choose to not be so angry. We can unite as Americans and not be influenced by entities trying to harm us.

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@HP you may be right that the left wing find opportunities to ridicule the right wing.

But the right wing has to bear some responsibility for doing such stupid things in the first place. The left just notices them and leverages them.

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It’s really a curiosity worth thinking about, because clearly there are obtuse extremists both left and right. But why is it those on the right wield ACTUAL force, while those at the extreme fringes leftward are just laughed at. This paucity of effective leftist crazies has forced the right to label milquetoast moderates like Obama, Clinton and Pelosi as RADICAL leftists, which is straight up bullshit and insulting to legitimate leftists. Where are the leftist revolutionary militias?

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@JLeslie One of the largest proponents of the wacky shift the right has taken in recent years is having his ass handed to him in court right now. A good amount of the crazy stuff came out of this guy’s imagination. I hope he, and others like him are gone forever.

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@HP I believe it has more to do with cultural values, such as supporting farmers, who have had a really rough year with the drought.
Not eating meat in cattle country is weird to many people here. And they back their values with their spending dollars quite often.

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@JLeslie My dad would agree with you on that!

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@Blackwater_Park I saw on TV that Alex Jones was on trial, but hadn’t really paid attention to any details. Your article says he accuses the left of not letting him retract what he said about Sandy Hook. Obviously, I think he never should have said what he did, and if he felt he needed to correct himself he could have over and over again. Do you know if he had been going on and on with the lies about Sandy Hook over weeks, months, and years? Or, was it a one time mention? People like him prey on people who are easily manipulated. They don’t care what they are saying, they just play to the audience reaction for money and popularity. That’s how I see it. They don’t care who they hurt either.

@KNOWITALL I definitely agree the farmer angle is part of it. I think money is more at the base of it than culture, but I agree it is cultural too.

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@JLeslie For years. He was on local radio here for a couple of years at the height of his popularity. Electricians I worked with would listen to his show at work so I had to hear it quite often. It was not a one-time mention that could be taken out of context. He said repeatedly that sandy hook was a staged, fake event designed by “the new world order” as pretext to take our guns away so they could easily enslave us. He said that the people on TV, like the parents of victims were all paid actors.

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@JLeslie I hadn’t heard a word about it until I saw this question. Shrug.

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@KNOWITALL Me either, but maybe in a day or two I’ll start seeing it on Facebook.

@Blackwater_Park That’s terrible. Do you think people like him actually learn a lesson if he winds up paying the families millions?

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Those crazy right wingers. They invented cancel culture first they marched, protested,
burned down neighborhoods. Now this is just plain stupid!

After all CB loves those white gun humping right wingers… it’s in their name!

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@JLeslie I don’t care if he learns a lesson or not. I think he is a rotten person and deserves to have the book thrown at him. He is also the main guy planting the seeds of vaccine doubt. He has undoubtably cost some people their lives. His dialog is so unbelievably reckless that I think he should really be in jail.

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@JLeslie I posted it earlier today and no negative comments yet. A lot of my friends are into eating healthy so we’ll see. :)

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@Blackwater_Park I wasn’t talking about him, I meant other people planning a career in making money by being dishonest and firing up hateful people. I hope they find him guilty and award the family money and I hope he can be charged with a crime by the state or federal government also. This type of behavior is destructive to much more than a few families, it is destroying our society.

@KNOWITALL What about this guy Alex Jones, do you know people who believed him regarding Sandy Hook? Or, who think he was doing nothing wrong? Maybe a freedom of speech thing, like he has the right to say whatever he wants.

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@JLeslie That should send a strong message to other sensationalist influencers, fringe radio hosts and other parasitic trash regardless of the “side” they claim to be on.

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@RayaHope I meant that Cracker Barrel wouldn’t go broke IF I never went back. Still, you’re NOT that far off about the BFF either!!! ;{ Funny thing…we had lunch together today, but NOT at Cracker Barrel. We chose Japanese food for today!!! Maybe CB next month.

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Yeah, you can’t sling a cat without hitting a woke cancel culture right winger. Hardly.

No, I would only go into a Cracker Barrel if I was really craving fried okra.

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@LadyMarissa I hope you and your BFF are still BFF! If so please give them a {HUG} for me ;)

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@RayaHope We’ve been BFF’s for 70 years. I doubt that much will come between us at this point!!!

We are polar opposites, so we are used to thinking in opposite directions. She’ll get her hug the very next time I see her & I’m just as sure that she’ll say “thank you”!!!

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@LadyMarissa I am so happy!

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@JLeslie I have heard and read that some believeut waa staged or they used crisis actors, yes. I don’t know anyone that actually believes it though.

All my mixed political friends all think it’s odd anyone is upset at the Impossible sausage, too by the way.

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But also odd that some would use such a banal story to make
political hay.

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@WhyNow Well yes… but one can only watch China versus Nancy for so long. :)

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@KNOWITALL Too funny!

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@KNOWITALL I think it is just another attempt to throw pasta on the wall and see what sticks. They (whoever they are) just put stuff out there and if they get a rise out of people then great. They don’t even care which group of people get upset. If people don’t latch onto the story, then they just move on to another one. That’s my conspiracy theorist opinion anyway.

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^^ The old spaghetti test

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. . . . . they have crisis actors going to Cracker-Barrel and eating Impossible Meat!! ! !

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Off topic, but related: I tried the Impossible meat at home, and at first I thought it was pretty good, but then after about five bites I wasn’t liking it very much. I think I could tolerate it mixed with real meat. Why is it always all or none? Mix the Impossible ground “beef” with real ground beef and make a hamburger or meatloaf.

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@Tropical_Willie I think we have 2 different things going on here & they keep intertwining!!!

One is Alex Jones & the other Cracker Barrel.

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@Tropical_Willie Impossible meat is the New World Order soft killing you with cancer viruses. They have to do that, now that people are wise to the vaccines and refuse to take them. Chem trails are not enough and they are behind schedule with the agenda 21 population control. All of these elites and celebrities who are dying is a cover and are really leaving to go live off world where they have life extension medicines. They’re leaving now because of the planned chaos they told us about on the Georgia guide stones. It’s true, I heard it on Infowars.

before some wise ass says something, sarcasm

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Alex Jones must pay $4.1 million for spreading Sandy Hook conspiracy theory yayyy!

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@smudges That is until tomorrow when the jury decides the punitive damages & it could go UP!!!

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