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Who or what group authored the ballot item about abortion on the Kansas ballot?

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I need help finding this information, I can’t seem to figure it out.

Thanks in advance.

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The best I could find was this info from today’s NY Times. It definitely indicates that the anti-abortion side wrote the initiative:

“The anti-abortion side used confusing language in the amendment, which suggested a yes vote would ban taxpayer funding of abortions — a ban that already exists — or allow for laws protecting victims of rape and incest, who already have legal access to abortion. They insisted they had no designs on passing a total ban on abortion, but The Kansas Reflector obtained audio from a meeting in which a state senator and amendment advocate promised to attempt to pass just such a ban. On top of that, the day before the election, Kansas voters received deceptive texts to vote yes to preserve “choice,” confusing untold numbers of voters.”

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The “Value Them Both Amendment” was proposed in 2020, but failed to receive the required two-thirds majority in the Kansas House to be added to statewide ballots. In 2021, the Legislature secured supermajorities to get it on the ballot.

Kansans for Life, a pro-life organization, developed the Election Integrity and Voting Rights Project to build grassroots momentum for the amendment. Rep. Blake Carpenter, a Republican from Derby, was named director of KFL’s election project.

The proposition came out of efforts in the Kansas State legislature.

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