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Why is there such a divide in political views?

Asked by RayaHope (2805points) 6 days ago
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Granted I don’t really follow politics and I’m not knowledgable in the subject but I have seen so many conversations about it. Don’t we all need to be governed in some way? Isn’t it the idea to make life and society work together? Is one side really that much better than the other?

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Maybe a divide is a good thing. So we can discuss and reach a better way
of being governed. The problem I think is when one side wants you to accept
their side no discussion.

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It isn’t the divide in political views that bothers me so much as the fundamental inability to agree on what is real.

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@flutherother I rest my case.

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People can be remarkably belligerent when it comes to questions of how decision making power should be organised, and how resources should be allocated in society.

The conceivable ways a society can be politically and economically organised is limitless, and some really are objectively much worse, or good for only a few people.

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Divide is not a good thing. The divide is a symptom. People don’t bother to reason things for themselves and they let pundits do it for them. They also have smaller and smaller bubbles and spend less time around people who have different opinions. If they did, there would not be much of a divide. Extreme viewpoints are usually planted and are seldom organic.

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What @Blackwater_Park said. #respect

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Humans are too emotional. Some feel Trump is a leader, some feel he’s a douchebag.

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@mazingerz88 I think it runs deeper than just Trump. I’m amazed he is still in the news so much since he lost a long time ago.

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^^He is still their useful idiot. His political stylings continue to generate votes. Murdoch’s Fox seems to be distancing itself recently. Not sure how long that would last.

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I saw this documentary a few years ago, and it clearly outlined how social media is adding to the political division in the world. It’s a great documentary. I think I watched it on Netflix. Here’s the link for The Social Dilemma:

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^^Thanks. Will check it out.

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@jca2 Thank you I’ll check it out also :)

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