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Do you think eventually Hollywood will make a movie out of what happened on Jan,6th?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (21906points) August 4th, 2022
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Just wondering?

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Possibly. They made a movie or two about Watergate in the Nixon years. But I’m not so sure I would want to watch it. I’m sure I couldn’t keep up with hundreds of characters that would need to be portrayed to make it as honest as possible.

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Sure, but hopefully not for a while.

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And who will play the shaman? Maybe Matthew McCaughnahey.

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A movie about how the Democrats stole the election from Trump with millions of fraudulent postal votes, culminating in brave patriots rallying in one last heroic attempt to save their democracy on January 6th.

It’ll have star actors like Kevin Sorbo and James Woods.

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I’m sure it will happen eventually. Title it, “All the Presidents Thugs”.

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Well, I seriously doubt if there will be a mainline film anytime soon. And this is about the improbability of obtaining the financing and particularly the standard insurance coverage required. The threat of the thing agitating the crazies is just too great.

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Oh, sure. How could they pass it up? Good taste won’t be an issue. But it won’t happen before there’s an end to the story, possibly one involving a key.

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@Kropotkin F’ckn Kevin Sorbo. I almost choked on my milk. Definately A-list haha.

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Sure. I don’t see any reason why not. The question in my mind is will the movie end with Jan 6? Or, will it stretch through what happened afterwards? I assume the movie would show what happened leading up to Jan 6.

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Nah, a reality show maybe.

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I’m not sure what I’d be less interested in: a Jan 6 film told through the eyes of 2 congressional staffers secretly in love or another reboot of the Terminator franchise, where a robot was sent back in time to murder Hollywood executives that keep green-lighting reboots and ruining beloved franchises instead of coming up with new and interesting stories…

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