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Do you think that Alex Jones will end up in prison?

Asked by Cindy1302 (634points) 6 days ago
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Not in this trial, at least.
He’s, so far, to pay $4,000,000 though.

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This is civil suit, so no.

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He. Dry well might if they try and convict him of perjury. He also has other civil trials to deal with (as I understand it) so he will be locked in to the court system for quite a while.

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NO. He has filed bankruptcy, so I bet he even gets out of paying a dime!!! I’m just enjoying watching him grovel. He was so loud & cocky about the hoax, it’s kind of titillating to watch him squirm!!! I’m hoping that the parents of the murdered kids find his about face some relief to their grief!!! I don’t think it was ever about the money for them…they just wanted him to SHUT UP!!!

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For perjury, possibly.

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@Nomore_Tantrums I hope you are right; but, people like him NEVER seem to get punished!!!

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I’d have to agree, @LadyMarissa

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He has to pay $4M, his bankruptcy won’t stop this. It’s not a catastrophic amount for him so he’ll be right back on the air touting his insidious, unspeakable bullshit.

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If he really believed the insanity he promotes a mental hospital might be more appropriate but it is pretty clear it is all an act of self-promotion with no concern for people’s feelings or the damage he causes. As the lawyer representing the parents said; “speech is free but lies have to be paid for.”

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The current trial is a civil case, not a criminal case.

They can take your stuff – money & property

You can lose your freedom or even your life. You can be jailed, imprisoned, or executed.

Why there have been criminal prosecutions of Alex Jones I do not know.

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@Call_Me_Jay Because of what came up in this civil trial, there is discussion of a criminal perjury trial, I heard.

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What ever else happens, I’m sure he’s washed up and out of business.

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There are some tax evasion implications I picked up during this trial. I hope they investigate him on this. He actually has to pay like 45 million on the second verdict. I did not know that was a thing until today.

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@rebbel It was just announced on CNN that the jury has added punitive damages of $45.2 mil on top of the $4.2 mill from yesterday. So, he’s just under $50 mil to pay to the family of the one little boy that he liked to bully!!!

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I still do not understand how leading the harassment of the parents of murdered children is not a crime.

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@Call_Me_Jay It is not a crime to be a narcissistic, tasteless, fucking asshole. But… You can beat them over the head in civil court.

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Possibly. Stay tuned.

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