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Does Marjorie Taylor Green have a mental problem?

Asked by RayaHope (5118points) 1 month ago
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She seems to have spoken so many crazy things that she can’t be for real, can she? Is she a person that you want in a powerful political position? I’m just asking for your opinion, please don’t think I’m taking one side or the other.

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Saw snippets of the latest CPAC and wondered if all those election deniers are going through the same thing.

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She is playing to the recent flavor of politics, just as Louisiana Senator John Kennedy (who is actually quite bright) seems quite the idiot anytime he is near a camera and microphone.

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I do not think she is crazy, I think she’s money and power hungry and also ego driven just like Trump, Alex Jones, and many other politicians and media personalities.

Maybe she actually believes some of what she says, but I don’t give her the benefit of calling her crazy.

We had Q’s on fluther when Trump was throwing around the term Nationalist, and we had jellies trying to defend it, posting definitions, trying to I guess teach us something. They could not understand why so many of us were horrified and said it was a terrorizing word. It was like they never studied the rise of Hitler, yet they reference Hitler all the time. It’s enough to drive me crazy.

I watched the beginning of your video. Seems to me the young man from the school shooting who she accused of being paid to say what he was saying could sue Green and win after what we just saw with the Alex Jones trial. I think he should if he isn’t already. I would love to see her under oath answering if she really thought he was paid.

Politicians know that if they mix religion with politics they will get a loyal base of followers who will follow them off a cliff. The Republicans have been using that for years now.

Trump was and is a televangelist, and DeSantis, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, and even Green to a lesser extent, are all televangelists too. They have the formula. Maybe Green is brainwashed enough to believe some of it, people like Trump don’t believe any of it in my opinion. He laughs at how people follow and worship him. Candy from a baby.

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I’m not qualified to answer that. Neither is anyone else here.

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Yes. Yes she does.

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@SnipSnip Believing in the lasers from space causing the California fires…not exactly sane.

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@RayaHope, we don’t know if she believes that. ^^^ We don’t know what she believes, only what she says. There’s an epidemic of insane babble loose in the world, but in many cases I think it’s uttered cynically, just to gull the gullible.

In general, I think insane people have more decency and self-respect than that.

And no, of course I don’t want to see her in a position of power and responsibility, including the position she has now.

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I do not know if she is mentally ill and believes all that shit, or if she knows that everything she spews is horseshit, and just does it anyway to stay in the spot light.
What I am reasonably sure of, is that crazies like her, genuine or not, are probably the reason that Colbert retired his exaggerated conservative parody character, because he became a moderate compared to the radicalised actual conservatives.

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@Jeruba That is partly my point that someone in her position should not be saying the s#it that she says. I believe it to be unconscionable, outlandish, and unbecoming of a United States Congressman. Whether she believes her vomit or not should not be the issue. To be in her position and knowing full well that she is hatemongering and outright lying for sensationalism should be an impeachable offense with jail time.

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No she just has open mind. Like Mulder from the X-Files. She is more into arts than science.

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@ragingloli I agree 100%!

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She is spraying horseshit to her fan base; they believe every lie and LOVE her for saying that shit ! ! ! They’ll vote her in again SMDH!

Stupid Rep/Cons ! they would elect Hitler if he was running for any position including Concentration Camp Kingpin !

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It doesn’t matter whether she believes in “the Jewish Space Lasers”, because there is no possible explanation for all her behavior that doesn’t add up to multiple major mental malfunctions.

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@Tropical_Willie, you know, I really think they would.

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Why do people toss out all their values and common sense just to support someone that can hurt another that they don’t like? Where are their morals?

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I think you need to expand your research a little from the YouTube you cited. I watched about the first 10 minutes of it and saw the presenter doesn’t go into all the aspects of things and makes grand assumptions about statements that are made.

Example: The presenter claims that MTG says she is a Christian Nationalist and she does. But you have to go back to what the presenter thinks of Christian Nationalism and what MTG thinks of it to see the difference. The presenter sees it as a theocracy, forcing everyone into being a Christian, etc. MTG sees it as a way of saying she is a Christian and believes our nation has lost its way…that the morals and ethos have so degraded that we need to get back to those that helped found this nation in the first place. I’m not saying either is right or wrong…I’m saying that when you use a term, different people have different views of what it means. Haven’t we seen that with the term “woman” or “man” recently?

Another thing the presenter in the YouTube zeroed in on was the Parkland shooting and the need for gun control. She showed the shooting and the death, cites David Hogg as a sane, rational voice, and then claims that gun control is the answer. The Parkland shooter obtained his gun legally and that is why they are screaming for more gun control. But let’s step back a bit and look a little deeper. Nikolas Cruz was a troubled kid from the word go. He had gotten into trouble over and over and over again. Trouble that should have had him expelled from school and arrested for violent crimes. But neither happened to him. Why? Because the left was pushing a program of NOT arresting violent kids. They would NOT arrest them and put them BACK into the school to do more damage. And because they were NOT arresting them, there was no criminal background to see. So he went out to buy a gun, filled out all the paperwork and they did a criminal background check on him and it came back clean. This is a kid who had terrorized other students and teachers in the school for several years, who had committed crimes for which he was taken in and released without charges being filed, who had a “clean” background. So he was allowed to buy a gun. Why not? He was clean. But the presenter (and Hogg) avoid that discussion entirely. If you selectively pick facts you want to use and avoid those that don’t help or completely debunk your narrative, you can paint any picture you want.

The point it that you need to look at several different viewpoints to get a more accurate picture of someone (MTG in this case) before making the decision as to whether they are good, bad, or indifferent.

My personal view is that she has good and bad opinions, just like everyone. I find her to be courageous to proudly make statements that she knows the leftist media will try to twist to use against her. That shows she has conviction….what you see is what you get. Now…compare that to most politicians in DC these days.

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@seawulf575 The system is at fault for not helping or detaining Nikolas Cruz and of course, Nikolas Cruz is also responsible for his actions. This part of the video is not directly a case for or against MTG. The need for more gun control is perfectly obvious in order to prevent cracks in the system like this.

The whole video should be watched because the poster has much better issues later in the video. I encourage you to finish the video and then get back to me here or PM. thank you

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It depends on your definition of mental problem.

MTG’s irrationality and conspiracism aren’t actually classified as mental disorders.

In some ways, her bad thinking skills, and the sort of unjustified inferences she makes about major events, and all manner of social and political situations, are the norm and commonplace.

It’s rationality that is atypical and abnormal.

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“are the norm and commonplace” @Kropotkin…that is very very sad :(

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@RayaHope I understand that portion of the video wasn’t directly associated with MTG. But it gave ample exposure to the presenter’s views, their biases, they inability to accurately report all the facts in a rush to push a conclusion…a conclusion that would not be supported by the facts. And if she was willing to do all that, showing exactly how biased she was, do I really need to see any more? She will likely just echo all the rhetoric that others have already spewed without doing any more investigation into it. That’s why I suggested you need to do a bit more research. In just about any story these days, there are two sides and then there is the truth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a particularly huge MTG fan, though I do give her props for being at least true to her beliefs. But just as with the Parkland shooting story, if you leave off the parts that were put into place that kept Nikolas Cruz in play for so long AND allowed him to legally buy a gun, you are only presenting a piece of the story. It’s like reporting on a car accident where a drunk driver crossed the center line and ran headlong into a person that was speeding, reporting on the person speeding and leaving out the piece where one the other driver was drunk and in the wrong lane.

I don’t expect to agree with everything everyone says, especially when it comes to politics. And I don’t expect to agree with their views. But I do want to know the full truth of what they say and what their views are…not just an opinion presented as facts.

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Being that she supported Q and a lot of crazy theories before running for office, I would say she is off her rocker and a racist to boot.

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@Pandora Isn’t it funny about crazy theories? Some are completely ridiculous. But some are completely true. Remember when Maxine Waters said there was something wrong with President Trump for claiming that Obama had wire tapped his phones in the Trump Tower? Sounds ridiculous until the proof came out that they actually had. Remember when the NY Post broke the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop? Yeah, they were ridiculed and called liars, they were banned from social media outlets for spreading such crazy theories and misinformation. The proof of all these attacks on the NY Post? That Biden, who had a dog in that fight, said it wasn’t true and that 50 intelligence people said it was Russian disinformation. No actual proof. And that went on for about a year. Until the plan called for getting rid of Biden, then all the “respectable” news outlets that ridiculed the Post suddenly started claiming every last bit of what they reported was true.

That doesn’t happen all the time, that is true, but in today’s world, we don’t have news, we have propaganda. And therefore “wild” claims are ridiculed without any investigation because the power that be don’t want them to be investigated. So there are, indeed, crazy theories that are just crazy. But there are also those that are called crazy that aren’t. Need to be careful with that.

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I just looked on, CNN, ABC NEWS, Reuters, BBC just to name a few @seawulf575 and they all said it was a false claim that Obama wire tapped trump towers. Do you have a different source that says he did?

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@chyna They’re all in on the conspiracy.

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@seawulf575 So Jews weren’t killed in WWII, and they are plotting white genocide in America and other white nations around the world. Yeah, can’t wait to see that proven. I stand by what I believe. She’s bat shit crazy or a Nazi wanna-be.

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One day, a Jew who finds out that genocide is mentioned in comparison with modern political differences will be furious. One of the supreme fascists of the Third Reich later helped Mossad. It was Otto Skorzeny. There are Nazis, and there are also people who commit crimes against humanity.

And, according to statistics, they are hidden and remain among us without retaliation.

Therefore, it is necessary that human actions are evaluated and fully controlled by a computer algorithm. Because inhumanity is a human tendency.

Maybe I am stupid here, but I exactly can say that @seawulf575 is a useful person.

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^^Jews already get annoyed by it.

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@chyna Yes, the Durham filings. CNN, ABC, Reuters, BBC and all the rest jumped on that in 2017 when Trump first claimed it. That is the first part of the cycle. Yet when Durham got into the actual investigation, he found out Trump tower had been wiretapped (2022) He was likely wrong that Obama ordered it, but probably not if you are only saying Obama knew about it.

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