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What are the backstories, of Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde, before they died and became ghosts?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23799points) August 6th, 2022
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From the ghosts from Pac man.

Humor welcome:

Feel free to make up any answers.

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Love the Pac Man reference. Actually they each have their own personalities,
movement style etc.
Now I am curious to learn if there is an answer.

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They were all very close friends which is why they stayed close together after their deaths. But they weren’t particularly good blobs when they passed. They were always see as a gang, running around and terrorizing people that were just picking dots for dinner. They viewed all dots as theirs. High spirited kids, really. The police could do nothing about it as they were very good at running away when chased by a stronger force. But they hunted as a pack almost, trying to terrorize their victims by herding them into a corner before beating them silly.

One day, when they were up to their usual antics, they ran into trouble. They were chasing some poor pensioner through the streets and alleyways, just like usual. But this was no normal pensioner….it was Chuck Norris. Just as they got him cornered and were moving in to beat him silly, he pulled off his coat and got into a stance, preparing to fight. He said “Back off punks, I’m Chuck Norris”. Being of the younger generation, they laughed and said “Who?” and moved on in. Chuck lashed out with a roundhouse kick and knocked Inky onto his ass, breaking his neck. He punched out at Blinky and hit him in the throat, crushing his windpipe. Pinky jumped on Chuck’s back and attempted to choke him. Chuck Norris flipped Pinky over his head and stomped him when he hit the ground. Clyde had seen what a mistake it was to pick on this particular pensioner and ran away. He felt such loneliness at the loss of his friends and such self-loathing for running away and leaving them today, he went on an eating binge…eating so many dots all at once that he choked on them.

When they hit the afterlife, their lives were reviewed. They were seen as being somewhat mean, but not overly bright. Attacking and getting their asses handed to them by Chuck Norris was considered a pretty good punishment all to itself, and worthy of some recognition. So the decision was that they would spend eternity inside a video game, forever replaying their short and unremarkable lives and their legendary demise.

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@seawulf575 ANSWER OF THE YEAR

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