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Do you like Domino's pizza or other pizza?

Asked by KRD (5060points) August 7th, 2022
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Which do you prefer?

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Domino’s is the worst of all of them, imo. Their pizza tastes like cardboard.

My favorites are locally owned pizza places.

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I haven’t re-tried Domino’s pizza since it started getting bad around 30+ years ago. Someone said it got better, but I haven’t re-tried it since.

I like good pizza. Like, not from a big American chain restaurant. Domino’s, even when it was better decades ago, was only slightly above my bar for acceptable pizza.

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I prefer other pizza.

My current favorite is Napoli’s.
They have a vegan cheese option, which I alternate with the bovine extract.

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We have a bar in town that makes pizza. They have one with 7 kinds of cheese that I like very much.

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I’m from New Jersey so Domino’s – Faggeduhboutit! There are two or three local places that I frequent.

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I like local and Dominos. Maybe it’s the area I’m in, but I enjoy them, and they’re delivered hot! Welcome back KRD!

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Local first, we have three different shops with three different types, including extra thin.

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No, I avoid those chain pizza places at all costs.

I grew up not far from the Bronx and great pizza was not hard to find, and still is not.

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I once bit into a chain pizza, and broke me forkin’ tooth on one of the links! ;-o

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I like GODFATHER’S pizza.

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Little Caesars is the worst.
The best really depends on the individual shop. I like Mountain Mike’s, generally

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Zachary’s Pizza

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Dominos has a veggie sandwich that’s amazing, othwr thab that, I prefer my local pizzeria.

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Other pizza.

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I unfortunately get Domino’s not because I like it but because they have a store right here and they are cheap. However sometimes we get pizza from King Supers which is way better then Domino’s. Thinks for welcoming me back @smudges.

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Domino’s is much better than it used to be, and it’s relatively cheap. I’d give them a B. That’s what we used to get for our daughters’ robotics team. My local pizza shop is much better.

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I don’t know what Domino’s is like in the US, but here in the UK it is absolutely lousy, and expensive too.

I’ve not tried all the pizza chains, but Domino’s is about the worst I’ve tasted. It’s about on a par with cheap frozen supermarket pizza.

I got so sick of generally bad pizzas that I ended up learning to make my own at home.

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I prefer pizza pockets. 30 years ago little Caesars pizza was good in Edmonton, Alberta. There are no good pizzas in Red Deer.

Pizza Hut was delicious until they started burning the pepperoni toppings.

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Ooh I loved those mini pizza’s that they sold in my highschool cafeteria for $3. They started at $0.75 each in grade 10 and went up in price to $3 each, in grade 12.

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@Caravanfan Zachary’s Berkeley is outstanding!

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Domino’s in the US is alright but not good @Kropotkin but I had no idea you lived in the UK.

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Try eating real pizza from family owned pizzerias.

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