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Can parents tax, and fine, dependent children?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23535points) August 7th, 2022
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Fine for bad grades/messy room/ chores not done?

Humor welcome:

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Only government can tax !

Pay penalty maybe !

Chores not done – - -no allowance !

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@Tropical_Willie Maybe an user fee? For services rendered? Like picking up clothes from the ground?

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If my parents did that, I’d be so broke I’d never get out of debt until I was 40.

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No grounded – - No Internet – - No cellphone – - No visiting friends (straight home after school) – - – No friends over !

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@Tropical_Willie Oh, that is tortuous…I’ll be good I promise:)

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NO…not unless his name is @RedDeerGuy1 & then they may fine him ALL they like!!!

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Doubtful. I don’t know if the government would see it as abuse or shirking parental responsibility. Plus, the parents might risk losing their tax write-off.

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