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Why do some prefer the door knob, and some the door handle?

Asked by chefl (832points) 1 month ago
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“Great Question” (1points) (Bing door knobs) (Bing door handles)
Both have the same purpose but why do some people prefer the knob? What is the benefit of the knob?

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Handles can be easier for some people to use/turn. It’s like a lever that can be much better if they have physical disabilities or aliments.

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Door knobs – - – - round

Door handles – - “L” or “T” shaped easier to use for arthritics.

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It seems door handles are pretty creative… I vote handles. Also I would find an artist
to make them for me.

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You can hang a shirt on a round knob and it won’t get a funky wrinkle like a handle/lever type.

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