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Can you say something nice about another Jelly?

Asked by seawulf575 (14773points) August 13th, 2022
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If you can, say something about a jelly you usually disagree with.

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@seawulf575 is often compassionate when dealing with problems parents have with troubled children.

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As with all people everywhere, I feel the same about all jellies here: It’s a love/hate relationship, and I don’t discriminate.

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I find that @Demosthenes has a way of using their broad vocabulary in an eloquently manner.
Also, they are usually doing so in a sympathetic way.

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@anniereborn is a strong woman who’s been through a lot the past couple of years. I haven’t seen her post for awhile. I hope she’s doing ok.

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@LadyMarissa Has held my hand more times than I can count. She and I are kinda like two peas in a pod. I connected with her very fast and am so grateful she is here. {{{HUGS}}} to her :)

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I am sure you would taste well enough if I cooked you.

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@ragingloli likes his meat cooked.

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One Day you told me: “^^Go away”.
Birth, pain, conflict and death.

Pain reminds us
To avoid that which hurts us.

Conflict challenges us to be
Better than we think we are. And death?

Well, death…

Death gives us the chance
To sum up all the good we’ve done

Or left undone in life.

Yeah. It is a painful world.

Forgive for all @janbb. So few words and so much means…

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Oh, you said *dis*agree with… @seawulf575 I really like you when you are nice.

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I don’t really disagree with many Jellies. Instead, I’ll just say this…

If I had backup dancers, I would want them to be @chyna, @KNOWITALL, @janbb, @RayaHope, and @Hawaii_Jake

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@cookieman I’ll waddle behind you any day!

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@cookieman [HUGS] If I could post a big heart I would :)

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How about you? Never agree with you but that doesn’t mean I have any animosity or ill feelings toward you. And I like some of your (non political) posts. You had a fascinating post the other day about a wild fox you once raised. All good.

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I get along with most Jellies. I can say that the spammers usually have great grammar.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I’d say that some spammers actually have some nice topics to talk about, if only it wasn’t followed by a shameless promotion. What a shame :(

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Such a shame that spammer grammar ultimately gets the hammer! ;-p(

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@hat and I have butted heads many times in the past (he’s had many previous user names), but his non-mainstream views appeal to me and I admire the fact that he knows wtf he’s talking about and doesn’t back down, even if he can be frustrating sometimes. :P

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I don’t want anyone to feel attacked or unloved.

@cookieman, my brother from another mother, I’ll be your back up anytime. :)

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