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Are we conditioned to feel false discomfort from rain drops?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11920points) August 13th, 2022
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Rain drops don’t hurt a bit. That’s my thesis.

Now, if you go to a busy entrance to a building just as rain begins to fall you’ll surely see people with expressions of anguish rushing to get indoors.

There are factors that may well contribute rightfully to this idea of discomfort like hairstyles, and the risks of soaking wet clothing.

However, the physical experience of rain is not painful. Unless maybe, it’s rain that is close to freezing. That might be a shocking bombardment that qualifies for the agonized winces from mere water droplets.

For the sake of discussion, I mean a typical light rain, on a day with comfortably warm weather.

Is it the conditioned response of instinct that runs us to cover? Is it the memory of rain in winter? Are we so comfortable we can’t bear rain drops without disgust?

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I don’t like my hair messed up or having wet clothes when going somewhere. That can be very irritating and unsightly. The wetness is the problem, not so much the rain itself. Now when I was little I would love to run out in the rain and slash in the puddles. That was ever so much fun and even now (under the right circumstances) I could enjoy a good rain shower. Just not going to school or shopping, going out on the town, etc.

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I lived in the rainiest city in the US for 14 years (120”/year). Rain doesn’t bother me at all. I never carry an umbrella or have need for one. Everything dries.

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I don’t believe it is the discomfort of the rain impacting people that makes them move. It is the subsequent wearing of wet clothes that is discomforting. If I am outside and plan on staying outside, a little rain doesn’t bother me. If I am heading into work and know I will have to sit there all day in wet clothes I will try to minimize the wetness.

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I think it depends on when and where. Then there are people who act like rain will ruin them. For instance. In Puerto Rico you can get a sudden cloud burst. You get wet for a minute but the sun will dry you and your clothes and getting wet is refreshing on a hot humid day. You don’t see too many people with umbrellas unless its a storm that is lasting all day, but even then, most people avoid walking in a storm.
Then you have the people who suffer from the blues on a dark day. They may grimace at the rain. But its more about the dark clouds than the rain.
Then of course you have people who were going to do an outing when it suddenly rains and ruins the day.
My point is I don’t think it’s about being conditioned, but rather more about the inconvenience. If you have on an expensive wool suit or silk blouse, the rain may ruin those things. There are so many reasons that I would think it erases the idea of conditioning.
The only way I can see it being conditioning is if you were a prisoner of war or grew up in an abusive home and made to stand outside in the rain for hours.

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As a child I loved being in the rain, and I think most children enjoy it.

As an adult, we are concerned about being well groomed. We know if we are wet and go into the air conditioning we might be very uncomfortable. We know sitting in wet clothes for hours can cause a variety of problems, and we know having to dry clean a suit or sweater is expensive. We know that some rains include lightning and it’s dangerous to be outside.

We (people I know) rarely run indoors for a drizzle. I remember being with my husband for the first time in Washington, DC, and it started to drizzle, and my friends and I were finishing talking outside. My husband was antsy as hell trying to rush us to finish to get inside. I realized he wasn’t accustomed to a light rain, we lived in Florida, and when it rained it was most often a downpour in the summertime. The rain comes down heavy from the second it starts in Florida that time of year, and accompanies by heavy lightning. We were just in Charlotte, NC, and again we got caught in some light rain and we didn’t worry about getting a little wet, nor the people we were talking to, but we were all on our way home.

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I love rain drops. I love storms, thunder and lightning.

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Not me. I love cloudy days, light rain, and wind to make it cooler.

I don’t mind downpours either except then I have to dry my glasses.

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Since I don’t, I’m going with no.

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