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What is the difference between the following two books and which would you advise me to buy?

Asked by luigirovatti (2826points) August 14th, 2022
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Same author, slightly different title. The first is this:

The second is this:

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First one is paper.

Second one is Kindle (ebook).

Which format do you prefer?

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I looked up, and the pages the links show up are both kindle version. Maybe I’m wrong.

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I would get so annoyed by that, that I might not buy either.

I’d call up a good book store or research librarian, and ask them che cosa schifosa succedde with having two similar book titles by the same author and slightly different publication dates.

I imagine that they published the same book with different subtitles in different markets (different nations?), and that there might be some annoying editorial differences between the two. Maybe one’s for Germany and avoids mentioning Nazis? Or one’s for USA (probably the one which mentions the US: ”...Why the US Overlooked Putin” LOL) and/or is more stupid, or something?

I guess I’d try the one that doesn’t mention the US, because that’s probably the US market one. But it could be something else.

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^^ There is a first printing, second printing, digital printing, library printing and so on.

China bought the right to 100k digital copies of my fathers book and made millions
of copies. My father settled.

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