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What jobs/tasks/skills were you good at?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24661points) August 20th, 2022
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For example:
I made burgers as good as Sponge Bob when I was a young adult.
The Secret you ask?
wait for it

I found the instruction manual and followed it.

Share your story?
Humor welcome:

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Ducking responsibility, particularly allowing others to saddle me with “leadership” I’m the best at detection of the signs pointing toward obligation.

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As soon as I get something I’m good at that pays money I’ll let you know.

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Manufacturing planning – - Certified by an international society

Engineering blueprints both buildings and aerospace.

My uncle paid a quarter to go over blueprints for schools and church when I was 10 years old to look for doors that opened into one another and opened the wrong way to exit during a fire.

Senior quality auditor for jet engine parts using the blueprints to verify all processes in making parts.

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I was a good manager.

Good at sales.

Good at keeping secrets.

Good at hugging.

Good at being accurate when it’s necessary. I check and recheck.

Good at being a buyer (retail) including logistics.

Good at merchandising a store.

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^^ Good at hugging, my favorite part! {HUGS} :)

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@RayaHope paying money. Now there’s the trick.

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Editing copy
Book talks

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iam also rellay good at typoing! :p

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^^ lol! eye kan teell

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