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Is there something you want to do, but it’s just too expensive?

Asked by JLeslie (65202points) August 22nd, 2022
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Could be a hobby, travel, sport, have another child, music lessons, or something else. Really it could be anything, but not so much a larger home or more expensive car, unless somehow that adds to something you want to do. For example, my husband used to race as a hobby, so it involved owning a race car, that would count for this Q, but just owning a luxury daily driver, not so much.

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Travel more. My wife and I love to travel and did quite a bit of it prior to becoming parents. Usually two trips a year. Even after my daughter, we mostly managed one trip a year.

Between school costs, various layoffs over the years, caring for an elderly parent and such, our traveling has drastically reduced — with multiple years between trips.

I know, I know…middle class, white peoples problems, but that’s what I’d like to do more of.

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I have always wanted to take one of those round-the-world luxury cruises. The kind where you’re gone for 180 days and you not see land for 6–7 days at a time.

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I would like to take a small party (less than 150 people) educational cruise to Antarctica. My parents and my sister have taken one; it was so memorable it cut through my mother’s dementia when it was mentioned to her a few months ago.

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Flying around in my own private fighter jet. Granted, that is not just a financial issue.

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Backpack and fuck around.

and DIY baseball equipment has got to be the most bot answer in this saga

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Money is not the issue for me. It is time and responsibilities. I can afford it.
@zenvelo I’d love to take one of those Antarctica cruises.
I’d like to travel to Norway, Longyearbyen and photograph the night sky . I’d like to charter a helicopter and try a few things.
I’d like to visit a few folks here.

@ragingloli The closest I have ever come to flying a fighter plane is riding my Kawasaki Mach III at “unsafe” speeds. The bike has so much torque when you punch it you can scrunch down low near the handlebars and watch the horizon drop away as the front end rises up – to kill you if you don’t back off.

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I’ll also say everything.
I want to go to the Netherlands and ride bikes in rush hour bike traffic lol.
Because so many people ride bikes there, I’ve seen pictures of roads packed with bikes of people commuting.

It would be nice to get some American Flag bike shorts and a helmet as well lol.

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I would love to travel to India.

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I would want to travel around the world, taking as much time as needed to see the sights and enjoy the surroundings.

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I want to live in a BIG freakin’ house with a three car garage that has a carport covering the entire front of the garage. The garage would have an above ground hoist for all of my car projects.

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Everything. Money is so damn tight.

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@filmfann be very careful for you wish for, I worked with a guy in aerospace that would travel for sales of our product. Three times he came back from with different illnesses include an eye infection, he had to wear sunglasses for month after the infection went away using antibiotics.

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What I want right now money can’t buy. Because I want to be grown-up graduated and helping people get through their tough times and pain. Maybe even start a program for kids in abusive homes.

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Nope. I am very happy and live within my means. If I want to do it, then I do it.

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I want, I want, I want.
But I don’t need, I don’t need, I don’t need.

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Money generally isn’t the issue for me, it’s more finding someone to do certain things with since I don’t have a partner.

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I’d like an extended trip through Asia, with a layover in Japan and then Jeju Island, Korea. While someone else finishes my home remodel. :)

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I’d love to have two kayaks for my husband and I since we live next to two lakes and camp every other weekend at lakeside campgrounds. I don’t like the restricted hours of rentals and the cost adds up as well. We’d get our money’s worth if we had our own.

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^Thanks for the link!

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I want to be a shell, shot out of a Vietnam era howitzer from the surface of the moon…
trying to get back home on the surface of the earth.

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Just stay the hell home with the wife and grands and not work a damn part time job. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings a bit. And just take an extended road trip, maybe to the Grand Canyon. But after five or six hours of Are we there yet, How much longer, And I have to pee or He hit me, I might have to stop at a road side park and play Russian Roulette. So there’s that.

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That’s where the unlimited funds comes in – put the kids on their own tour bus to the Grand Canyon. Make sure to also spend some of those funds for horseback rides, with tour guide, down the canyon.

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^^^^ But no horse back ride back up to the Rim. They can hike out on their own. Trails in the Canyon are well marked, they are just a little steep. And, you only have as much water as you can carry….

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5000+ ft altitude gain in 105°F weather – no prob.

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Ride the mules at the Grand Canyon, under $200 a piece.

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If it was only my wife and I, I’d save up for a trip to Europe. Only catch with that is I don’t like flying. Oh well, never happen anyway. Kind of like that old elevator music song, Just Live For Life.

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@Nomore_Tantrums – unlimited fund means you can charter a big yacht and cruise to Europe and the surrounding areas. No flying needed.

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@Nomore_Tantrums I’m afraid of heights too but I’m gonna fly to Florida next month, so wish me luck. I hope they have something for if I get sick, I’d hate to make a mess.

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@RayaHope – for me, Meclizine works the best. I usually take only ½ tablet. They even have tasty orange flavored ones.

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@RocketGuy That’s the ticket. An ocean cruise would be jam up. @RayaHope Good luck! I’m sure you’ll be fine : )

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Is it a good idea to take Meclizine before a flight, or is it better to take it if the symptoms happen?

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At least ½ hr before. For me, ½ tablet works for 12 hr, so I take it when I get to the airport. I rarely fly for 12 hr at a time.

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@RocketGuy I gonna get me that Meclizine if I can. Do you need a prescription?

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Nope, we get ours from CVS.

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@RayaHope Don’t be surprised if it makes you drowsy.

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Yes, there is this one thing I want to do but it is just so expensive. I would very much want not to work.

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