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How did you meet your life partner?

Asked by Samantha4One (1302points) August 24th, 2022
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Kind of a personal question if you don’t mind. Was it a coincidence to meet them or you were introduced by friend/family.


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A friend of mine showed up at my flat with her as his date. The guy owned this great book store a couple of blocks from my place and he was a legendary character throughout the neighborhood for his drinking escapades. I mean once this guy was oiled up, the show was guaranteed to be one of those stories you retell through the ages. He was a charmer in the manner of Falstaff, and would show up with these spectacular women, but never the same one twice for reasons that will become apparent. Actually, it would be better to list just one for example, and I’ll pick the limousine. He loved to hire a limo to haul him and his date and anyone else who would get in around clubbing. It was a sound idea because he was certain to be lit up beyond control before the night was out, and incapable of driving. If someone were to ask you “Do you know John—-?” To prove that you did, you merely had to reply “don’t get in the limo”.

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At a mower shop.

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I was hitchhiking in England and he was driving.

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Introduced by my mother at a bbq.

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Early days of online dating (think yahoo dating) and after weeks of chatting we figured out we were a couple doors down from each other in the same apartment complex. Was she stalking me online? I never asked.

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Got him from an undercooked piece of pork.

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At a club. I’d had crappy day at work and stopped by this place for a beer and to have myself a private pity party. But a bunch of women came in having a birthday party for one of them. When the band cranked up, my now wife of 42 years came over out of the blue, sat in my lap, and said the next slow dance was ours. One thing lead to another, and 42 years, two kids, and nine grand children and two great grand sons later, here I am. Life happens sometimes and doesn’t give a crap what kind of mood I’m in. Just completely coincidental and unexpected. If someone had told me when I walked into that place that night that I was only about an hour away from meeting my future wife, I’d have told them to ease off on the crack pipe.

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Man, you never stood a chance!

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Nope. And I’m happy about it. Best thing ever happened to me.

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I used to love to get my mother and father in law talking about the way they met. She was working in the shipyard during WW2 and he was a signalman on a destroyer. His version: I was coming down the gangplank and she spotted me. It was like a snake on a mouse. Her: He’s lying baby. He pestered me to death. He just wouldn’t leave me alone.

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@HP I think that’s the way it’s usually supposed to go. I just lucked out. My initial (private) thought when that happened was, WTF, get away from me woman!! But after I had a good look at that beautiful face and her million dollar legs, I was thinking Oh…oh yea oh yea oh hell to the yea! Lol

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I too had no idea, and assumed that time the last I or anyone else in the room would ever see her— the norm for John’s dates. But she came back.

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Which one?

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My wife. She came back without him.

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Through a dating company (33 years ago) called “Great Expectations”.

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Through Great Expectations in December, 1993.

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Through a mutual friend.

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At a pro choice rally in 2014 on Hudson str. I just finished moving in to the
west village. I was painfully introverted, socially awkward, nerd but not a dork.

I was going to hide at home but saw a piece of cardboard and couldn’t resit.

So I painted ‘SAVE THE WHALES’ and stood on the sidewalk. Two gorgeous
NYU students rushed to where I was standing saying “you have the wrong sign!”
I said you have no sign.

She said “give me your cardboard” I agreed only if she let me look down her t-shirt.
I was shocked! Her friend was shocked! She did. I was in love.

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Sierra Club

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Shared a shuttle to the airport with a mutual friend.

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Thanks for the replies.

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