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Do I have a right to be annoyed?

I give up on doctors.

I have had back pain for the past couple years, I go to a doctor who just gave me meds.
I went to a chiropractor and he did one little adjustment, told me to come back to “see how that worked” so he made it seem like that was supposed to do something. It did nothing. “That’ll be $50 plz”

So I still have the back pain.

I got to a specialist That I was referred to for my tendons/hand pain. Apparently it was the wrong specialist. He did nothing but tell me to take OTC meds. “That’ll be $50 plz”

I have the WORST period cramps. I puke, I shake, I get super sick and it has affected me severely. I get told to take ibuprofen (and then another doc said that makes it worse) and that’s it.

They have never taken me seriously.

So I am done with them.

It’s not that I want there to be something wrong with me, it’s that I have a lot of pain all the time that is actually affecting me and I just want to be normal. But every time I go, its 5 mins of quick tests and “Okay take some pills”.

I was going to go and see another doctor for my period cramps, but with my luck it’ll just be “Nothings wrong, take pills, bye.”

I just feel like I am crazy, that maybe I am making this all up somehow because how does every doctor tell me I’m fine? It makes no sense.

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