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Have you had or been suspected of having Covid?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24453points) August 27th, 2022
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I was suspected twice and was told to self-isolate for 14 days, and again later in the year.

I have had very mild symptoms, (cough so bad that it hurt my arms) and not much else.

I am triple vaxxed, and was double vaxxed when I caught the covid.

I don’t remember the exact dates.

For those who have been diagnosed with Covid how many vaccines were you at when you caught it?

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No, never had it but had the vaccines any way.

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When I was on the Covid Cruise in March 2020, I apparently had it but was asymptomatic. Anyway, my cardiologist thinks so.
In June 2022, while on another cruise, I tested positive. I had a dry cough and was quite tired. I had been double vaccinated, double boosted.
10 days ago I finished another cruise completely healthy.

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Had Covid back in February of 2021. Had mild, short lived symptoms…I felt like I was burning up with fever followed by icy chills and sometimes had both at once. I never ran a fever…just felt like I did. It lasted 2 days. I isolated as best as I could in the house. My step-son (adult) and my wife both ended up catching it anyway. All mild symptoms. I was not vaccinated at the time. They had everyone on a schedule for when they could get the vaccine and my time of availability was coming up in 2 weeks when I caught the disease. So I never got vaccinated. We’ve had no problems since then.

I HAVE had to get tested a number of times due to being in proximity to someone that was coming down with it and one time I called off work because I was feeling poorly. All tests were negative for Covid.

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Nope, so far Covid free. I have had all the shots and boosters. I have heard that sooner or later everyone will get it. I hope not.

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I’ve never had Covid-19. All 5 other members of my canoe team have caught it over the last 6 months. I’ve gotten 4 vaccinations against it and have tested negative 4 times.

I just returned from 11 days in London, UK. People in England, the airports, on airplanes, restaurants and stores are behaving like this pandemic is over. I estimate that far less than 1% of the people were wearing masks. I had intended to protect myself by wearing a mask on the airplanes and airports but since hardly anyone else were wearing masks I didn’t either. When I returned to the USA I see more people still wearing masks. Oh well whatever makes you feel safe.

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My answer requires some expansion, because I’m convinced that my thus far covid free status is once again a matter of lucky coincidence. It was simply that the onset of the epidemic was the nudge to my retirement, and I now feel silly that I waited all these years. I have absolutely no doubt that the mere circulation among people compeled by my former frenetic work life more or less guaranteed my contracting some variant of the disease. As it is, I have resigned myself to the realization that covid is nearly as certain somewhere in my future as death itself. Just as I’ve resigned myself to a never ending regimen of vaccines for the endless variants of covid ahead as well as the slew of upcoming new horrors the crowded world and gossipy ill informed internet guarantees my future.

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Double vaccinated and double boosted and I had a mild case this summer.

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First shot with Johnson & Johnson, May 2021.
Second shot with, would you believe it already forgot the name…., in January of this year.
Got Covid-19 in the end of June, this year.
I would classify it as mild, with three or four (first) days of feeling mangled and exhausted.
Kept my taste and smell.
I suspect I’ve might have “long-covid” because I remain tired-ish, and have no stamina (never was wonderful, but in comparison).
Apart from that, it doesn’t play a(ny) roll in my life any longer, Corona.

I think it should be “_Have you had…..”

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I went 2.5 years without getting Covid. I even took 3 round trip cross-country flights, but I wore KN95 masks airport to airport.

Then I flew to a destination wedding where no one wore masks. Picked up Covid the next morning. In fact, 3 of us at the same breakfast table got it. Symptoms started on the flight back, but came and went one by one over the next several days: sore throat, runny nose, 99F fever, tiredness. I convinced my doctor to prescribe me Paxlovid. That gave me hives, which were more uncomfortable than 99F fever so my doctor told me to stop after the first day.

The moral of the story is that you can avoid Covid if you wear masks in crowded indoor settings, and you might get Covid if you don’t.

BTW, I had gotten 1x J&J plus 2x Moderna boosters, which probably saved me from severe symptoms.

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Suspected yes. March 22, 2020 with March 25 being the worst day of it.
Uncertain because there were no home testing standards at that time.
Vaccinations were a long way off at that time.
Double vaccinated and double boosted now.

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Had three shots when I got COVID this February (2022). Most symptoms were gone in a day except fatigue that lasted about ten days.

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