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What do you need to do by "midnight tonight"?

Asked by janbb (62117points) August 31st, 2022
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I am so sick of all the political fundraising with their constant goals of “by midnight tonight.” Let alone, the special offers of extra ginsu knives if you order by midnight tonight.

So tell me, and in as humorous a way as you can, what do you need to do by midnight tonight? Perhaps the universe will even make it happen.

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Grab a crab & shrimp sandwich on marbled rye with avocado & swiss from Darby Dan’s

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^^ Yum!

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Write this post!

Too late.

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Be in bed and asleep.

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Finish the challenge of the day on Solitaire, otherwise that challenge is gone forever. To be honest, the midnight deadline in not my time zone, I still have 3 hours.

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Get the hell back in my coffin….

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Like @chyna , I need to be in bed and asleep.

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I need to stop scratching the mosquito bite on my leg by midnight so I can sleep!

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Celebrate my daughters Birthday (22) with her by doing as many fun and silly things as possible.
Her escapades of not wanting to ski after she joined the ski club in 4th grade is what originally brought me to finding and posting a question on Fluther.

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^Happy birthday to a very lucky daughter!

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^^many thanks from a lucky Dad.

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Recharge my cellphone,sleep.

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Play Wordle. :P

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