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What do you think Oprah thinks about Dr. Oz now?

Asked by JLeslie (63224points) 2 months ago
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I saw a clip of Oz and Trump together on stage at a rally for Oz and I couldn’t help wondering if Oprah has any regrets starting Oz off on his TV popularity and fame.

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My mom says the Dr. Oz is a big phony anyway. If he’s with Trump..well that pretty much proves it.

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One aging irrelevant nonentity talking about another aging irrelevant nonentity.

Why does anyone care what Oprah thinks?

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She made a fortune helping him hawk his pseudoscientific snake oils to her audience. Both are contemptible.

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I happy to say I have idea what Oprah thinks about anything or anyone.

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Dr Oz has always seemed to be a bit of a quack if you asked me.

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