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What professions would be absurd to automate?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23799points) September 5th, 2022
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Humorous, and realistic answers welcome:

For example: Is it absurd to have a robot priest/minister/ect ?

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None. The robots will be taking over

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Bread cutting.

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I think that s*x robots are creepy and they always women? ewww

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@RayaHope Not always. The film A.I. had male ones. So does the show Black Mirror.

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House of Representatives. Senate would probably work. They’ve become pretty predictable.

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@RedDeerGuy1 , It may not be that difficult to create an automated priest. They deal in human relationships and what they say has not changed much. A robot could be trained on the type of advice that priests give and also on their sermons. I bet you could get a pretty good automated priest!

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Racial sensitivity consultants. For reasons. Also Gorilla sensitivity consultants for the same reasons.

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@Blackwater_Park That might be so in a movie but I mean in real life. They make so many female robots and for s*x stuff is creepy and nasty.

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@RayaHope That’s the stereotype but the reality is a little different when you consider roughly a 60/40 split with women purchasing 40% of all sex toys. If male sex bots can also do chores around the house those numbers may get a little more even.

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@RayaHope There’s a lot of objects that women enjoy in private as well (possibly more common than any other adult toy) and it’s basically male anatomy minus the male (which is pretty creepy in itself if you think about it)... My college girlfriend’s roommate had a large box full of them there had to be over 100.

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@gorillapaws @Blackwater_Park, Okay this is going into an area I am not comfortable with especially in public so I’m gonna just back out right now…

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A combination sex toy and vacuum cleaner. I can see that…

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^ But a combination sex toy and blender would be absurd!

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And a combination of vacuum cleaner and blender would be strange?

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^ Only if it’s gas powered.

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Pretty much every job that involves human interaction or expression, from teacher to therapist to politician to artist. The point of AI is to be the tool for us to better do our existing jobs. We are supposed to be the “manager”, the one to oversee the process and have the final say to the matter. By putting AI to the “manager” and “creative” positions, we unwittingly swap the role and give them power over us. Take politician, for example, this is the job that put people in power by default. Can you imagine bow down to an AI and do whatever it tells us? Do we create something to let it rule over us? And do we have to worry that the AI will develop a hatred to humans and play favor over other AI?

Or how about art? AI is getting better and better at generating art, and they can do it in mere seconds. Art has always been the domain unique to humanity, a way we express ourselves and connect to the very bare bone of human experience. And now AI is going to take that from us too. What would become of us then, if the very thing that distinguishes human from pretty much every other creature is taken away from us?

People have been creating AI that do unnecessary jobs for too long. If this trend continue, I fear that one day AI will be sentient enough to cause a massive war between them and human, and they will triumph and this will be the end of humanity.

I know this question is for fun, but this is a topic that I take very seriously and it’s hard for me to find a joke about it. I’m sorry.

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Here is an early AI program to mimic a therapist that you can try out. It is surprising that some people thought it was human.

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To see how much things have improved, you can talk with this chatbot . It is just a matter if time before robots will replace psychotherapists.

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Funeral director

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