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If I'm registered as republican, can I still vote democratic in the general election?

Asked by Cindy1302 (806points) 2 months ago
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Yes, you can.

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Of course,I wouldn’t broadcast that in republican circles , only because they will hound you to try and get you back to the dark side.
You can change your mind on anything.

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Yep. The only thing your party registration usually restricts is voting in the primaries. You would generally only be allowed to select your favorite Republican candidate during the primaries. But in the general election you could vote for whomever you like.

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Exactly what @seawulf575 said.

And…thank you.

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@seawulf575 Has this right, but in some states they have open primaries, so you can even vote in the Democratic primaries if you wanted (should you happen to be registered in one of those states).

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Vote your heart !

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Yes, you may.

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You can vote for anyone you want in the general election.

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Yes, you are not bound by party on how you vote. Just like you can vote for an independent, or unaffiliated or dem or republican all on the same ticket. For instance. If you have someone running for state and you like a dem you can vote for dem for state. If you are voting for a Senator you can vote republican or independent if you don’t want to choose the dem. But on one ticket you can’t choose them all. So what I mean, for president and vice for instance you get 3 or 4 parties listed you can only choose one person. Then if senators are next for your state, you can pick someone of a different party from who you chose for President if that is what you want. Ideally. We should always choose who we feel will represent us best. Not just party. If we actually did that, we would probably have better representation in Washington. Not just people getting paid to follow lobbyist.
I’ve been thinking of actually changing over to unaffiliated but haven’t because then I would be bothered a lot more by everyone else trying to persuade me. So I leave it as dem.

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I voted Democrat in 2020, but thought maybe my vote didn’t count since I was registered republican.

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No that’s not true although most Republicans would like it like that.

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@Cindy1302 Some states you can only vote within your party in the primary with some exceptions (like in my state if no one from my party is running for an office then I can vote for the candidates in the other party). That’s called a closed primary state. When I go to vote in the primary, only the candidates I can vote for appear on my ballot. None of the candidates your not allowed to vote for will be listed.

In the general election you can vote for anyone in any party and that’s why they are all listed on your ballot for you to choose from.

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Some states have open primaries where you aren’t limited to your registered party. You may still vote in the Dem primary, but aren’t allowed to vote in both the Dem & Rep primaries. So, you might want to research your state to verify the law there for the primaries so you’ll know for the next election.

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Why don’t you change your affiliation?

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Yes. You can also vote in the Democratic Primaries IF your state has open primaries.

But primaries are stupid. We should use a system with instant runoffs like ranked choice or multi-vote and abolish primaries. They exist solely to allow parties to better control their candidates.

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