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Where can I find rather large tapestries online?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12874points) September 5th, 2022
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Yes, I looked prior to asking here.

It’s for a window so the measurements are: horizontal is 80in/6.6feet and the vertical is 60in/5feet.

Amazon has some but they have spotty reviews and the L/W don’t always match up, meaning: I thought width was the shortest side and length was longest, but the descriptions say 60L and 80W so I do not trust it.)

I am just looking for assistance

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You might find fabric that looks like tapestries on Joann Fabrics website.

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@jca2 I am looking for a mural type thing, with a scene/design. Like a painting

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How thick do you need them to be? And should they have pleats?

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As for measurements, don’t be insulted if you already know this, but L (length) and W (width) aren’t longer and shorter. They’re vertical and horizontal. You’re describing a space that is 60 L and 80 W, and you’re looking at a tapestry that’s 60 L and 80 W. I’d say you have a match.

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All my teachers lied to me :(

but I am still looking for places to find the tapestries.

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I just need a website, then I can see what types of thickness is available

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@SergeantQueen Not everything exists in space and has an actual vertical or horizontal dimension. Your teachers might have used the terms differently in geometry class, where the figures were on paper. But a physical item that has position and orientation in space can be described that way.

So you have a window that’s 80” wide and 60” high, and you want to completely cover it with a heavy piece of woven cloth? Why?

Don’t forget that you may need to allow some margin on the cloth or you will be trying to attach it directly to the window frame. Dimensions for drapes and curtains are generally quite a bit larger than the window itself.

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I bought one years ago, but I don’t remember the online site I bought it on. It was on a different computer that broke and I had saved it there. I found this site that seems to have some the dimensions you desire. But why you you put it over a window? The sun will damage it. You can try to buy a retractable shade if it’s too high for you to reach and it will probably cost about the same. Tapestries can be pretty expensive. Anyway here is the site

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@Jeruba, right now i have super ugly blankets that are over 20 years old as curtains. My window needs to be replaced as they are broken and won’t close all the way, so it is not like I will ever open them. I just want something pretty

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Etsy, probably. For a price.

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Something like this? At this price I’m sure this is just printed on synthetic fabric. It might need a lining fabric to block all light.

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Yeah, something like that

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