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Trump's main money generator, Save America PAC, is under investigation for fraud, where do think this will leave Trump ?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (29783points) 2 months ago
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Another fraud and money generating plot. They have collected $100 to $250 million from people using fraudulent words and claims.

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I’m beginning to fear he’s teflon.

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He will escape arrest or any responsibility. He’ll blame someone else. He will threaten to sue someone.

One thing about Trump – he is the Houdini of criminal activity. He always escapes.

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It may shut off his slush fund !

And money returned . . . .

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Trump makes snakes and rats look good.

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Thank you Jesus. They need to do this type of fraud investigation to more than just Trump. Plenty of politicians raking it in.

We could feed the world and set up housing for half the homeless probably.

It’s insane.

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I know, fuck Trump but it’s high time to look into others also. Pelosi has attracted a group of investors that follow her stock moves. It’s apparently pretty lucrative. There is even an ETF for her trades now. You read that right. I do not believe for one second she is a better investor than Warren Buffet. It’s all insider trading channeled through her husband and she is getting away with it in broad daylight.

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He’s watching his entire mountain of swindling corruption crumble in front of him. As the list of ongoing investigations continues to mount, and ever more of the gang members disappear behind bars, there’s little doubt for me how this must turn out. For those of you who believe this pig will escape every one of these prosecutions without conviction, I ask you to consider this: Trump is headed for a life of nonstop endless testimony in the single place where lying still yields sharp consequences, In view of this, and considering what he is, what is there to worry about?

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^I know people say that, but I’m not really believing it, which I HATE to say. But all of these things they have found against him, and he is still pulling the strings.

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His strings may . . . include Putin (who is real busy) and Kim (I’ll send a missile to USA) and that is just not going get him out of jail !

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Yeah but what about Hillary it’s still all her fault, after all isn’t everything her fault?
Ohh yeah and a crooked corrupt FBI and DO J. Shit they make it hard for old honest Don to swindle money out of his loyal lap dogs.

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It will leave Trump standing on a street in New York with a smoking gun in his hand while someone he shot in the face lies dying before him. He will do just fine.

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His Teflon is beginning to crack. To normal people, they saw this as a money grab early on. I hope reparations are made with the freezing of those assets grown through lies.

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@Forever_Free That he got this Special Master thing approved by one of “his” judges made me feel that his teflon will never crack. He is dumb as f**k but still wily.

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@janbb I understand how frustrating cronyism can be and how hard it is to breakdown. This is likened to Mafia ties.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” ~Joseph Goebbels

It takes time.

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@janbb His Special Master is only a delay tactic and will not stop the process. The FBI may get another warrant for still missing documents; maybe they’ll find them in one of Mar a Lago clients’ rooms like a Saudi or Chinese national.

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@Tropical_Willie If it stops it until November, 2022 and we get a Republican House, what do you think will happen to the investigation?

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Knowing the Fright wing they will pander to the Don Father and call it a witch hunt as well and do their best to stop it,and keep blaming Hillary ,and Hunter for everything.

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The thing that matters is that he is being ground down on several fronts in several jurisdictions. You can’t watch a news broadcast that does not feature some legal setback for Trump. Right in tune with those setbacks is the army of those involved with him who are either in jail or well on their way. There is a huge and expanding pool of people positioned to testify against the pig in pursuit of reduced sentences for themselves. This unraveling of the Trump web is going to play out with catastrophic effect for the Republican party as the spotlight is focused on the slime of their Trump involvement—that pardon seeking business for example. In the end, I don’t see any way out for Trump other than his sudden and unexpected death. And believe me, his death is a more likely prospect than most of us imagine. There are powerful former allies of the pig who fully appreciate the convenience afforded them with his demise.

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@janbb Don’t lose heart over the special master thing. The Trump appointed judge who agreed to this is the same one who issued the warrant for the raid on Mar a Lago. As with many Trump appointees, this one was declared unqualified for her position by the American Bar Association, and there is every chance her special master mandate will be overturned on appeal. But even with the bump in the road of this delay, the arrow of fate regarding Trump points unerringly in but a single direction.

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@HP But if, as you say, she is deemed unqualified, couldn’t that backfire and the original warrant be overturned also?

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@chyna @HP It wasn’t the same judge. The warrant was issued by Bruce Reinhardt; the special master thingy by Aileen Cannon.

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Reinhart signed the warrant; he is now receiving death threats . . .probably from some of thousands of “burner” phones Trump’s mob use.

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@janbb thank you for the correction.

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@chyna that ship has pretty much sailed. As we have been arguing over this on another thread, the key to it all is in who owns the documents, the people or the pig.

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Speaking of owning I wonder if kept his mother’s gold teeth (that he stole) or had them melted down ??

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@HP The judge who ordered the special Master is NOT the same one who approved the search warrant. That judge was a male. Judge Bruce Reinhart. The special Master judge is Hope Cannon.There is talk to remove the “Master” Judge Cannon from the bench because the FPOS put her on the bench after Biden had won the election & he was no longer authorized to place sitting judges.

The DOJ appeal will NOT cover the entire ruling from Judge Cannon. The DOJ is ONLY asking to NOT cover any of the classified documents as they are NOT covered under any of the reasons 45 is claiming for his reason to need the Master to begin with. The Master case was NEVER about wanting a Master to go over the docs. This request was purely to DELAY anything & everything so the Jan 6 Committee will run out of time to continue their investigation!!! The DOJ doesn’t care IF the Master is chosen to go over the rest of the docs…just NOT the classified docs!!! Right now, the DOJ is not allowed to do anything with the classified docs due to this ruling…hence the appeal.

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@LadyMarissa Thanks again
for the correction which Janbb mentioned above.

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^^ No problem, I missed @janbb‘s correction.

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With ⅓ of the country brainwashed into supporting Trump…. the government is scared to death of prosecuting him for his biggest crimes.
Trump really belongs on death row in Terre Haute, for what he did in regards to the election lies, and the pressure he placed on various officials to change votes.
But I doubt that will ever happen.
As for his other crimes, he should be prosecuted for those, as well.
But I doubt it will ever happen, unless the DOJ chooses one single symbolic crime to charge him with. When he should be charged with all his crimes, and face death for what he did in trying to hold onto office, using fraudulent and non-existent data to attempt to bolster his case.

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