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Does Charles get a new crown made, or does he simply use Queen Elizabeth's?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32066points) 2 months ago
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Are crowns sized? Or does one size fit all?

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Just guessing here, but the Palace has a historical room where they store the crowns. I’m going to assume that the last King’s crowns are still being held in storage & will be made available to Charles. Of course, I can see him having his own crown made & he may already have it hiding under his bed!!!

Kate wears a lot of Elizabeth’s crowns & I’m guessing that Camilla will be flaunting several of her best in the near future!!!

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Hers might be a little frufru for him.

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He will be crowned with St. Edward’s Crown.
After that, he will wear the Imperial State Crown. For King George VI, the Imperial State Crown had the arches extended to make it taller. For his daughter, the arches were made smaller.
Additionally, If The Duchess of Cornwall is to be crowned Queen Consort as happened with the wife of King George VI, a new crown will be made keeping in the tradition of Queen Mary and Queen Alexandra. The stones from the crown of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother will be used in her crown.

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Only his dentist knows for sure!

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When Charles is officially crowned at his coronation the Crown of St Edward will be placed on his head. It is the same crown that has been worn by all monarchs on their coronation, including our late QEII

The Crown of St Edward dates back to at least 1503 and it was depicted on a portrait of King James IV.

On State occasions the monarch wears the Imperial State Crown.

The Crown of St Edward is also worn on the State Opening of Parliament

The date of Charles coronation is not yet known but it is expected to take place in early spring 2023.

It will be a much shorter version without all the pomp and circumstance like the coronation of the late Queen Elizabeth II was.

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@janbb I thought it was his hairdresser?!

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^^A play on dental crowns.

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^^ahhh ok, I was thinking of the old commercial :)

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Yeah, it was a parody of that ad too.

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