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Can you help me with this our care center problem? (see details).

Asked by KRD (5083points) September 9th, 2022
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A couple months ago my grandma when to this care center called Berkley Manner care center and they haven’t been taking good care of her. They always keep her in her room, take her out of bed late, They don’t have her walk around, and don’t do much with her unless my grandpa is there. When my grandpa is there he takes her outside, makes the care center get her out of bed if she is still in there, helps her walk, and spends time with her. The center asked how much money she has in her social security account and don’t want us speaking to the lawyer and or the insurance company about it. We told them to had us the bill and they won’t do it until they see the amount she has. We’re trying to find a new care center for her but we don’t know any good ones. Any idea what we can do?

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You may need to call your county family protection services department (they are for more than just abused kids) and ask them about potential elder abuse.

At the very least, they can point you into finding out if the care home has any reported problems. Care homes are supposed to offer “exercise” and some recreation adjusted for the client’s needs and ability. The County will also know if they have any financial abuse problems.

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There is a site called that might help you search for other places. And I don’t see how they can stop you from talking to insurance or a lawyer about her finances.

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I’d call a lawyer to get a briefing on the situation.

Don’t surrender any rights or make any concessions or agreements with them before you feel sure you know what you’re doing.

Also research to find actual good places, and what the financing options are.

I know of exactly one seemingly very nice place, but it’s not cheap, and is in Santa Barbara, California.

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All I can speak to is the care. When family is not around they do seem neglectful but often now they are short-staffed.

My mom was on Medicaid and they took her whole check minus $50 a month for expenses. Her new clothes were stolen, one nurse tried to force feed her, and sometimes I had to have them come change her. Just be there as much as you can to advicate for her.
Sorry buddy.

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You might try speaking with her doctor. Maybe her doctor can get her moved & still have it covered under Medicare. That center is worried about when Social Security is going to stop paying them & that’s probably why they keep asking about the money in her account. IF she’s getting close to the end of her treatment, her doctor might be able to move her back into the hospital & then move her to a different care center after her stay at the hospital & then what Social Security will pay starts over.

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Nursing homes are notorious for elder abuse I have nothing to add BUT listen to these very smart people above me and get your grams the best you can because there is NO excuse for neglecting your loved ones no matter what. Advocate for her and to Hell with that lousy home!

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When someone tells me NOT to call a lawyer, that’s the next phone call I’m making.

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I posted this answer on the wrong thread, but I strongly recommend that you seek out if possible a long established institution affiliated with one of the major religions.

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Update; one of our friends who is a chiropractor visited her and she said she fell. When she fell we didn’t get notified so we are getting on to them for that two.

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