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What is it that keeps you going?

Asked by RayaHope (5676points) 2 months ago
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I want to experience so much in life, see the world and I want to help people to become better than I am. I think we are worth fighting for no matter what.

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Fluther, YouTube and my mom.

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I have a weird idea that my life is going to improve. There’s no logic to the thought. It’s just there.

I also want simply to hang out and see what develops in my life. I’m curious.

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Every day I tell myself there are mistakes I haven’t made yet, and brilliant excuses I still haven’t used.

Why should I give up now?

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@JLoon I’m gonna steal that ;}

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@RayaHope – We can share ;)

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Nothing. I’ve given up.

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Please don’t say that, never give up @Kropotkin We’re all in this together!

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I really like @Hawaii_Jake’s answer. That somewhat describes me.

Plus, I would add I have at least some happiness on most days, so I get to look forward to that. My calendar is very full with activities and fun and seeing people who I like a lot.

I also so appreciate not having to set an alarm most days, my comfy bed, not having to work full time, and when I’m not in pain and think about it, there’s some bliss in it.

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@RayaHope Yes, I think everyone else should give up too.

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My interest in, and appreciation for, so many people, animals, plants, places and things in life. Creative work that I want to do. Games I want to play. Ideas I want to share. Things I want to read, see, and learn. Dreams I want to enjoy.

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Oxygen & sheer bloody mindedness.

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The unexpected. Seeing a blue and distant Ben Lomond through stems of rose bay willow herb yesterday.

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@Kropotkin Your answers concern me greatly. I know things are not easy but you just have to go on and find some happiness and peace while you are here. Make the most out of whatever you have, please.

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Family keeps me going. I have to be an Energizer Bunny.

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@RayaHope I’m not going to top myself, if you’re worried about that.

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@Kropotkin I’m not sure what you mean BUT if it is what I think you mean, please talk to someone. We all have problems and I know this may not help but (((HUGS))) anyway. I want you to get help, there’s no shame in asking. I did and it saved my life.

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On a good day…being there for my wife and daughter and two doggies. Also, similar to @Hawaii_Jake, I believe life will “get better” (and there is precedent for that as things have generally improved).

On a bad day…guilt and self-loathing. “You suck. Get up and do something useful.” I admit, there are less days like this than when I was younger.

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@cookieman Thank God there are fewer days like that. lets strive for NO days like that! :)

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@RayaHope: Yes, indeed. Self loathing was much more fashionable when I was in art college and wore a long black trench coat with grey Chuck Taylor’s everywhere. ;^)

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My brain.

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In about 18 months I will be 70 and will begin receiving Social Security and Medicare.

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Waking up.

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My ongoing goals.
My adult children one in particular who is a constant love in my life.
Regardless of our journey that we take in this life I take the good with the bad and make the best of it.
I read a variety of books on many topics of interest .
I write and take several courses that contribute to developing my creativity in Art, writing or whatever.

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I’m not sure. Habit maybe?

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I never give it any thought. The days just keep coming, and I automatically keep going.

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Nothing at all. Now that my husband has passed there’s nothing more left. Perhaps just the dog because i no longer care about anything.

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@ZEPHYRA I am sorry you feel that way. I care (((HUGS)))

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