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Do I really need to go to the gym?

Asked by Samantha4One (1265points) 2 months ago
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So here’s the deal. Me and my roommate have a month off, so my roommate suggested that we hit the gym that just opened near our place. So i told her that she should try first if it’s ok then I will join from next time. So after her first day at gym she says her whole body is aching like her bones are cracked, she can’t even move herself property. Now I’m so scared to go even near that place. Should I still consider going to the gym or forget about this?

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Sounds like your room mate simply over did it for a first visit. You could expect a little soreness but not debilitating. It also sounds like she needs the work. Try starting a little slower or start with a trainer that can help you pace yourself.

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If you have not been working out/exercising on a regular basis, starting a gym program will cause you to ache. Follow @Jaxk ‘s advice and start a program but don’t expect to get in shape by this weekend, take your time in building up strength and conditioning.

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Definately go. You can meet hot guys, tan, get coffee and just walk around looking hot the first day. It’s actually really fun, like a club, if you find a good one.
Plus you should support your friend’s goals.

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The first few days are usually pretty rough on the soreness front if you’re out of shape. If you can push through it for a week, it goes away and you get into a healthy rhythm. Stretching before and after is important, as is doing a warmup. I’ve found the best motivator was teamwork with a buddy. You push each-other to go and it’s a really positive motivator.

I agree with the above advice. Sign up and hit that gym!

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Oh, hold up! You need to stretch before starting a workout routine ESPECIALLY if you are just starting. You have to slowly increase your activity NOT all at once. And you need to cool down and get a massage before going home. Working out, walking or almost any kind of activity is always good for you.

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Forget about it. Do a three mile walk (one hour) three or four times a week.

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Yes. Just because something is hard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. You wanted to do it before your rm came home whining. Now, you go and show her how it’s done….no whining.

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What I read lately is that one only needs about 20 – 45 mins at the gym and starting out with 8 reps for weights to get ones musles used to the change.

One can ride the staitionary bikes, treadmill,then the weights later until your body adjusts to the new regimen.
Swimming also is a great excerise to start.
Good luck easy does it.

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Most people, when starting an exercise routine, are sore. You are using muscles you aren’t used to using. Some people over do it and are REALLY sore. There is nothing wrong with going to a gym. Exercise is a good thing for the body. But there are ways to exercise without going to a gym as well. Ride a bicycle, take a walk, start jogging, do calisthenics…all things you can do without going to a gym.

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They key is not doing too much exercise too soon.

It’s better to exercise a little everyday than exercise a lot once in a while which is what your roommate did.

Decades of not giving your body the regular and vigorous exercise it needs is far more painful than the soreness of daily exercise. I’ve seen many people my age (71) and younger in a a world of pain because they let themselves go. Over weight, have diabetes out of shape and need a walker to get around. I’m no “Jack LaLanne” but this year I participated in world canoe competition in England, Kona, Hawaii and planning a rim to rim Gand Canyon hike next month.

Don’t be afraid of going to the gym. What should be more terrifying to you is not doing any physical exercise.

Good health! Stay strong!

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Only go if you want to, need is purely secondary.

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@KNOWITALL You just named at least four of the reasons so many people don’t go to a gym, or sign up and pay and never go again. Those shouldn’t be selling points, they’re more like avoidance points.

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@smudges I think there are gyms for everyone. For some it’s more of a social space that’s healthier than getting wasted in a bar, for others it’s a very serious place for serious fitness people, and others want to work out but don’t want to interact with the opposite gender. There are gyms out there for all of those kinds of people.

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Thanks for your support… I’m quite embarassed to say this but I haven’t been to gym all my life. I had issues managing my time between work and studies. And my laziness got over the rest. I think the same goes for my roomy as well. I do go on occasional morning walks and regular body stretching and that’s it. Anyway, i took my rm to a doctor, they said she will be fine in 2 to 3 days. They gave her some massage cream for the muscle pain and told her to take protein rich diet.

She said she only did full body warm up exercises for the first day as told by the trainer. She only lifted around 4 pounds dumbbells which was the minimum weight there. I guess this is the result of not giving our body the attention it needed. I will join as soon as my rm recovers a bit. Thanks again guys for the motivation.

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@gorillapaws True. I was speaking half jokingly.

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It’s up to you, If you want to make strong muscles and shaped body then you can take a decision to go to gym, otherwise you can be fit by doing general exercise at home.

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