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Can we welcome Smashley into the 10K floor of the mansion?

Asked by janbb (61063points) 2 months ago
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Congrats Sir, Madam or They! Your contributions are very welcome here.

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What a smashingly good time for all! Congratulations and it’s fantastic that you’ve stayed around and shared your wit and wisdom with us for so long.
You are much appreciated!

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Welcome to the ground floor! Enjoy the party!

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Wowza. This made my day. Congo-rats.


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Congratulations @Smashley

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Congratulations, @Smashley! Party weekend to celebrate!

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10Kongratulations @Smashley

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Keep smashing it! Good show!

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Nice job @Smashley!! Rrreeeeaaaallllll nnniiiicccceee.

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I sent him a PM two days ago :) CONGRATULATIONS @Smashley !!

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Can you please fix the elevator so I can visit.

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No fixin’; long way to go !

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Smashing Smashley!!!!! You’ve come smashin your way into the mansion. Congratulations!

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Congo Rats! WTFG Smash, whatever your pronouns are!

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I’m embarrassingly late, but I wanted just the right outfit for a smashing welcome! Congrats!!

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Happy 10k! :D

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